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Quality of corrugated packages can be defined in several ways such as high strength, accurate thickness, size, low chances of failure etc. High sustenance and low failure rate are a sign of good quality. With the change in usage, the quality parameters also change. For example, the thickness of the Pet bottle must be high if oils are being packed inside it. Whereas in the case of the mineral water bottle as long as the bottle is not getting bursted, less thickness can provide good results. As this is minimising the total price of the mineral water bottle. A standardised Drop tester should be used for quality evaluation of packaged bottles. This test is performed to evaluate the behaviour of the bottle when handled carelessly. If the bottles are downgauged and not passing the drop testing, it means thickness needs to be reconsidered.

The packaging is of two types i.e. primary and secondary packaging. Primary packaging stays in direct contact with the product and secondary packing is utilized to pack primary packing for transport and storage. Secondary packing keeps the consignment safe from various external factors. Any failure in packing causes product failure. Not to repeat this situation, carton manufacturers conduct back to back testing on corrugated boxes.

Drop Tester

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There are many ways to conduct the carton test. Many industries set internal standards to test shelf life during the free fall. Some manufacturers conduct this test repeatedly up to 10 times while various other conduct this test with loaded cartons.

There are situations when a box falls from the height. It is difficult to predict whether it deforms, breaks or survive the fall. The box is dropped from the height to see its behavior. Drop testing machine comes with a movable platform that can take the box of up to 60 kg of weight to a certain height. The platform has two flaps that open up when operated from wired remote. As flaps open, the sample falls freely on the ground. The test process that is performed with high accuracy makes the process unmanned.

Using Drop Testing Equipment, the packaging that the supplier uses to ship the product can mean the difference between receiving a quality product in new condition and a damaged product that’s unsellable. Pacorr is the leading manufacturer and supplier of packaging testing instruments. It offers a large range of instruments for back to back testing of packaging materials, be it plastic, plastic films, corrugated fibre board etc. Looking for high quality testing equipment, contact our team of experts.