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Corrosion is a major problem with the metal products and materials that are exposed to the open weather conditions such as corrosive winds and moisture. Corrosion degrades important infrastructure like steel-reinforced highways, bridges, parking structures, electrical towers etc. The impact of corrosion in our daily lives are both direct, in that corrosion hampers the useful service lives of our possessions, and indirect, in that producers and suppliers of goods and services acquire corrosion costs, which they transmit to consumers. At home, corrosion is identified on automobile body panels, outdoor furniture, charcoal grills and metal tools. Preventative maintenance like painting protects various items from corrosion.

The consistency and quality assurance of metal products is an important consideration. Having the appropriate salt spray testing practices in the industry is vital to deliver products with high resistance towards corrosion. To re-establish the rusting elements that a product encounters in the field is the most challenging part of any corrosion testing equipment. However, this problem can be solved by complying to create testing standards for salt spray testing instruments. Understanding the need for the right and efficient machine, Pacorr Testing Instruments introduced – Salt Spray Chamber to test the corrosion resistance of materials.

There are various instruments available in the market that conduct error free testing on materials prior to its production. Only a few are equipped with a 3 MB flash memory, USB drive and digital temperature controller. Salt Spray Testing is a device which comes with all the above mentioned along with additional features. The chamber of this device has glass wool insulation and double wall to resist any deformity.

Salt Spray Tester

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Salt Spray Testing Machine offered by Pacorr complies with testing standards of ASTM B 117 and JIS Z 2371. Fiber reinforced body (Triple walled) is designed with canopy angle maintained in order to stop the flow of droplets directly on the test sample. Some of the features are HMI based touchscreen display for observing live running test data, recording test results and programming testing parameters. Controlled Air purging facility available for fog settlement, minimising contamination of the surrounding environment. Equipped with a Microprocessor based PID controller. Addition of a reservoir tank in the chamber, have eradicated the need for full time attention and re-filling salt solution for prolonging testing. A fog collection funnel is placed outside the chamber to monitor the proper functioning of the equipment without disturbing the test itself.

Some of the benefits of utilising Salt Spray Corrosion Chamber are:

  • Data can be managed easily. The operator can set air purge time, make setting such as PID and air saturator etc.
  • PV and SV value setting option can be availed
  • The temperature of the chamber is regulated using a touch screen control panel