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In today’s quality conscious world, the customers are more and more demanding related to the performance and efficiency of the products they buy. For example, in the metal industries, the manufacturers need to ensure that the quality of the products they manufacture is of best level so that the products are able to serve for a longer time and with better efficiency. One of the main problems with metals is that they can corrode very easily when come in contact with corrosive environment. This is why the manufacturers of metallic products need to adopt measures to protect the surfaces from corrosion. Paints and coating are one of the best ways to protect the metal surfaces from corrosion by preventing the contact between the surface and the corrosive factors. To ensure that the coating and paints will work fine in the corrosive working environments, they need to be tested thoroughly for their performance and efficiency.

Salt Spray Test
One of the best ways to test the quality and efficiency of the paints and coating applied on any surfaces is by conduction of salt spray test. Salt Spray Test is an accelerated corrosion test that is conducted in a closed and controlled environment with the use of highly corrosive elements to evaluate the formation of corrosion products such as rust or oxide after as specific duration of time. The test duration also depends on the corrosion resistance ability of the protective coating being tested.

Salt Spray Tester
To conduct the test, there is requirement of a closed chamber with ability to produce corrosive environment. The equipment that used for that is called salt spray tester. The instrument is highly accurate and precise equipment equipped with a closed chamber in which a solution of salt water is used for created a dense salt water fog which is intended to create an accelerated corrosive environment. This accelerated corrosion helps in understanding the long term impacts of corrosion on the test sample.

Working of Salt Spray Chamber
To conduct the salt spray test, a solution of salt water including 5% NACL solution is used. This solution is atomized by specialized nozzles using pressurized air. This creates a dense fog of saltwater inside the testing chamber. The Test specimen is placed in the dense fog for a specific duration. The duration is determined according to the standard that is being followed for the test. The timer is set and once the timer is over, the test specimen is taken out for studying the impact of corrosion on the specimen. There are different version of test that can be conducted by acidification of the saline solutions such as by adding acetic acid, sea water saline test and so forth.

Salt Spray Tester

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Pacorr‘s Salt Spray Tester
Pacorr is one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of Salt spray testers that are being used in a variety of industries including automobile industries, polymer industries, paint industries and so forth. The instrument is equipped with digital microprocessor based control system that allows easy usage of the instrument along with accurate reading and monitoring of the testing parameters. The inner chamber temperature is controlled with the help of Inbuilt PID temperature controller. The water level indicator, over temperature alarm and fog collection funnel further improves the efficiency and accuracy of the instrument. The instrument also comes in high precision Touch Screen HMI model as well.