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The quality of any products is greatly dependent on the quality of the packaging used for containing it. For many products such as food items, medicines, and pharmaceutical products, the quality is of utmost important as it is directly related to the well being of the consumers. This implies that the quality of the packaging used for these items is also of utmost important. The most commonly used packaging option for these products is the PET bottles. The PET bottles are considered to be the most reliable and efficient mode of packaging of products such as medicines and food items as these products need best protection from external factors such as moisture, dust and other contaminants. (PET/Preform Testing Instruments)

The global PET bottle market has reached a volume of greater than 17 million tons in 2018, recording a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 2.3% during 2011-2018. The market is projected to reach a volume of about 19 million tons by 2024, at a CAGR of almost 2.1% during 2019-2024. The PET packaging market is expected to register a CAGR of over 5% during the forecast period 2019-2024. PET is used widely by manufacturers of plastic bottles. They are used due to its transparent, lightweight,non-reactive, thermally stability and cost effectiveness compared to HDPE,PVC, and PP bottles. There usage has increased as a packaging solution for medicines, dish detergents, household cleaners and mouthwashes.

The manufacturers of the PET bottles have many things to control when it comes to the quality control of the products they manufacture. The manufacturers must test every aspect of the bottles with proper testing procedures that can ensure best performance of the bottles. To satisfy various quality conditions, PET bottle manufactures perform stringent tests on the bottles. All these tests are conducted by considering the industry standards. To achieve success in these tests, it is essential to work with testing instruments such as Hot Wire Bottle Cutter to facilitate accurate results. Both destructive and non-destructive tests are required to be performed on bottles and jugs. Some destructive tests are very crucial to be performed without which the quality of PET bottles cannot be standardised.

A major aspect of quality that is desired in a bottle is the perfect balance of the bottles when they are placed on a surface. They must not trip easily when they are placed on a flat surface and this is only possible when the bottle has a balanced distribution of materials all over its form during its manufacturing. The producers of the bottles must ensure that they use procedures such as section weight analysis to determine that the weight of each section of a bottle is proportionate to the other and hence the bottle has a perfect balance.

The reason to have a test is to get uniformity in the bottles is to avoid toppling. PET bottles must have a good balancing factor. There must be even distribution throughout the bottle to gain stability. For the chemical packaging manufacturer, it is a crucial test to judge why the bottles are falling as the things may turn disastrous.

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The most important test is the bottle cutting test. In this test, different sections of bottles are weighed separately. Every section of the bottle, top, bottom and cylinder are weighed equally. Equal weight of all the section reflects the uniformity across the bottle. Cutting bottle manually is not possible as it leads to deformation of sections that gives wrong results.

PET Bottle Cutter is used to cut bottles into sections in a uniform manner to perform the section weight analysis. A bottle is kept between the clamps. PET Bottle Cutter has wires that heat up quickly passes through the clamped bottle. The uniformly cut pieces are collected at the end of the test. Each section is weighed separately on a digital meter.

Pacorr’s Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is a remarkably productive and extraordinary testing machine to provide the best chance to cut the PET holders into different areas to compute the heaviness of every single segment of jugs separately. It has Kanthal wires to cut the bottles or jugs immovably without destroying the edges of the container.