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Corrosion is the greatest foe of the metal segments. This is a characteristic wonder and assumes to occur if there is no defensive covering on the part. There are sure items which get eroded even in the wake of having a defensive layer. The purpose for this is poor people or inferior quality covering. This covering isn’t adequate to totally secure the item. In specific situations, testing against consumption is should have been performed.

Salt spray testing is one well known test which is performed to evaluate the surface covering of the item. In this test, the example is presented to the saline fog at the temperature of approx. 37°C. This is a quickened test and helps in evaluating the conduct of the item in certain hours. The test is generally performed for 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours or so on… or relying on the inside norms.

Nonetheless, this test ought not be straightforwardly identified with genuine as this test is a totally wet test, while genuine conditions are an occasional pattern of the dry and wet climate.

How to perform a salt spray test?

To perform the test, the example is set at a point of 20° inside the chamber. The temperature inside the chamber will stay around 37°C and fog with 5% of NaCl arrangement is atomised to spread inside the chamber. The test length is predefined. The machine is furnished with repositories for water and saline answer for constant activity. The inexact limit of the repository is 60 liters.

Salt Spray Tester/ Corrosion Test Chamber

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Safety measures to be taken while performing the test

  • Do not open the overhang of the chamber before the culmination of the test. That would upset the mimicked climate and may bring about incorrect test perceptions
  • Use cleansing prior to opening the shelter. When the test is finished, enact the auto-cleansing element that settles down the saline fog into fog and doesn’t allow it to disseminate in the environmental factors.
  • According to the test norms, the volume of the fog ought to be around 5ml. Accordingly, keep a tab on the fog assortment measuring glass to ensure perfect measure of fog is made inside the chamber.

  • Do not keep the example excessively near the chamber dividers. On the off chance that the example is in nearness to the divider, it is presented to unreasonable warming as radiators are joined in the dividers.

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