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Salt Spray Chamber is used for testing of different products such as electroplating coating, paints, metal components and polymers. These products are used for protecting the surfaces from problems such as corrosion. The salt spray test helps the manufacturers of these products in testing the quality of the products to ensure they are capable of protecting the surfaces to which they are applied. To test the products, a specimen is placed in the chamber which has a salt laden ambience that simulates accelerated corrosion of the products and helps in analysing their behaviour under such conditions. If you are looking for good salt spray tester in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, Pacorr can help.






    Pacorr is one of the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of highly precise salt spray testers that are further used for testing the efficiency of coatings products applied to various surfaces. The instrument uses highly concentrated salt water solution to create highly dense fog that simulates accelerated corrosion. The instrument is designed in accordance to the guidelines prescribed in different quality standards. The materials used for manufacturing the instrument ensure longer service life without the compromise to the accuracy of the test results. In addition to the digital model, you can also avail the HMI model of salt spray chamber in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra that has touch screen control panel with easy operation.