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Salt Spray chamber is and efficient testing device that are used for testing the corrosion resistance of various different products that are prone to corrosion damage when are used under such conditions. The manufacturers of products such as paints, coatings, and metal components need to test the quality and corrosion resistance of the products. If the corrosion resistance of the components and coatings is not tested properly, it can degrade the quality and cause premature failure. The instrument is used for stimulation of highly corrosive environments that can create accelerated corrosion on the test specimen. If you are looking for Salt Spray Chamber in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Pacorr is there to help.






    Pacorr is a leading manufacturer and supplier of highly precise salt spray tester for different industries that are involved in manufacturing of products such as coatings, plating and other metallic components. The instrument is used for creating highly dense salt laden fog that is meant to simulated the accelerated corrosive conditions. The instrument offered by Pacorr allows the users to control the temperature with the help of a PID controller. Instrument is designed according to the guidelines given in the international standards such as ASTM B 117. The high-grade material used for manufacturing of the instrument ensure that the users get better functioning and longevity of the instrument.