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Salty Spray Chamber is an efficient testing instrument that is used for testing the efficiency of coatings and paints when they are subject to an environment that can cause extensive corrosion. The manufacturers involved in industries such as electroplating industries, paint industries and so forth, need to ensure that the products they are offering to the clients for the protection of surfaces from corrosion and rusting. The salt spray test is the prescribed testing procedure that can be used for ensuring the efficiency of products against corrosive ambience. If you are also looking for good quality Salt Spray Chamber in Halol, Gujrat, you can take a look at the products offered by Pacorr.






    Pacorr is a renowned manufacturer and supplier that offering highly precise salt spray tester that have been used extensively in the paints and coating industries for ensuring the best performance of the products. The instrument is given with a highly sensitive PID temperature controller that ensures accurate setting of temperature in the chamber according to the testing standard. The instrument is designed as per the international standards such as ASTM B 117. There is also an HMI model of the instrument available that has a touch screen panel that helps in easy and convenient operation of the instrument.