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Salt spray tester is one of the most commonly used testing instruments in the industries such as paint industry, coating industry, and metal industry. The coatings and paints are supposed to protect the surfaces on which they are applied. The instrument is a major way of assessing the corrosion resistance of the products with great accuracy. The manufacturers of these products need to understand that the quality of the product is greatly based on the corrosion resistance of the products as corrosion has a great impact on the functionality as well as longevity of the components. If the products do not have proper corrosion resistance, they can have early failure and lower functionality. If you are looking for Salt Spray Chamber in Nagpur, Maharashtra, look no further. Pacorr can help you with your requirements.






    Pacorr is a major manufacturer and supplier of Salt spray tester that are generally used in industries such as electroplating industry, metal industries, paint industries and polymer industries to test the corrosion resistance of the products. The instrument is designed in accordance with the international testing standards such as ASTM B 117 to ensure better precision of the test data. In addition to that, there is an HMI model also available that has a touch screen control panel ensuring better operation of the device.