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Salt Spray Chamber is an efficient and functional testing device that has been used in the industries to test the quality of the coatings and paints that are applied to surfaces to protect them from external environmental elements such as acid fumes, moisture, and so forth that can cause corrosion of the surfaces. It is also used for testing the corrosion resistance of the metallic components when subject to corrosive conditions. It is important for the manufacturers of such products that they efficiently test the corrosion resistance of the products they manufacturers so that better functioning and longevity of the products. If you are looking for Salt Spray Chamber in Pune, Maharashtra, Pacorr is one of the best choices for you for an efficient and precise testing device.






    Pacorr is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of salt spray tester that are widely used in industries such as metal industry, paint industry, plastic industry to test the impact of corrosion on the products. The instrument offered by Pacorr is designed according to the international standard ASTM B 117 for ensuring global applicability as well as higher accuracy. The instrument is manufactured with highly accurate sensors along with microprocessor based PID temperature controller that offer best precision.