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Salt Spray Chamber is a widely used testing instrument that is required to test the corrosion resistance of different products such as paints and coatings that are applied to different surfaces to protect them from corrosion. It is important to test these products because if they are not efficient enough, it can cause extensive corrosion of the products and their premature failure. The manufacturers need to use the right testing procedures to ensure the quality of the products so that they could be sure of their performance under highly corrosive environment. If you are looking for a salt spray chamber in Sanand, Gujrat, look no further. Pacorr can be of much help.






    Pacorr is one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of highly precise salt spray testers that are used by the manufacturers of the paints and coatings as well as metal industries to test the corrosion resistance of different products. The Instrument offered by the Pacorr is designed according to the international standards ASTM B 117 to ensure best level of accuracy. The materials used for fabrication of the instrument are of best grade so that the instrument could offer the best performance along with better longevity without compromising their accuracy.