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Fill Height Gaugemanufacturers and supplier manufacture a simple yet important testing gauge in various bottling industries. The instrument is mainly used in PET and preform industries as well as glass industries to test and set the quality of the bottles. For bottle industry, it is essential that the manufacturing as well as usage of the bottles is done in a very efficient manner so that the products that are packaged in these bottles could be delivered to the consumers with great quality and safety.






    To ensure this, the testing of different aspects of the PET bottles needs to be tested with great accuracy and accurate analysis needs to be done. One such aspect is the filling level of the bottles. The manufacturers must determine the level of bottles to which the liquids can be filled so that they are not spilled during transportation or usage. In addition to that, the manufacturers also need to ensure that the bottles are not left unnecessarily empty because that will also lead to huge losses. This is why it is important to determine the proper fill height gauge for the bottles so that optimum level of the bottles could be used for filling without getting the products spilled.

    Pacorr is among the best Fill Height Gauge manufacturers and suppliers offering one of the most extensively used testing instruments in the bottle industries. Be it a PET bottle or glass bottle, the fill height gauge is used for measuring the fill level of the bottles to ensure best efficiency of the bottles and safety of the products that is packaged in these bottles. The bottles are mainly used for packaging of liquids and the most important thing with liquids is that they can be spilled very easily. This is why, the manufacturers need to be very cautious about the quality of the bottles they are using for packaging of the products.

    The fill height gauge is used for determining the optimum level of the bottle to which the liquid can be packaged and transported safely without causing it to spill. Additionally, it also helps in ensuring that no volume of the bottle is left empty as this is also a great cause of loss when there are millions of bottles produced. The instrument is given with an adjustable height which makes it usable for a variety of bottles and the pipette given with the instrument is capable for easily taking the extra liquid out of the bottle. With this instrument, the manufacturers can easily determine the most optimum height to which the liquid can be filled in a bottle safely.

    • Model: PCFHG-1
    • Measurement Range: 50mm and 500 mm.
    • Operation: Manual
    • Lightweight and easily portable
    • Simple operation
    • No electricity Needed

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