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Hardness Tester Shore D manufacturers and suppliers offer a durometer that is one of the most important testing instrument that is used widely in the rubber industries to test the quality and agility of the rubber and other polymeric as well as elastomeric materials. The quality of rubber that is used in industries has to be the best as the industrial rubber is used for making a lot of critical products that are used in heavy duty machinery for their smooth working.






    If the rubber used for manufacturing of such parts is not of good quality, it can be a great factor for the failure of the products and hence cause failure of the whole process. This is why, the manufacturers need to ensure that every aspect of the rubber is tested thoroughly before the commencement of the manufacturing process. The Hardness Tester Shore D can be one of the most useful testing instruments that can be used for testing the hardness of the rubber material being used in the industries. With the help of this instrument, the manufacturers can rest assured that they will be using only the best quality material for their products.

    Hardness Tester Shore D manufacturers and suppliers offer a widely used testing instrument in the labs as well as the rubber industries to test the quality and strength of a rubber material. The rubber is used for making a lot of products in industries such as seal, V-belts, conveyor belts, gaskets and many others. These products have to bear a lot of heavy force and indentation during their use. This exertion of force for a long time be a cause for the failure of the products of the material used for making them is not of good quality. This is why the manufacturers of these products must test the quality of the materials they are using before starting the manufacturing process of the product.

    One of the most critical properties of rubber is the hardness of the material. It is important that the rubber is able to withstand the indentation due to highly pointed surfaces when they are in use. The Hardness Tester Shore D is a durometer which can be used for testing this property of rubber using proper procedure. The instrument is equipped with an indentation foot that has the dimension of 1.1mm to 1.4 mm and has a pointed foot of dia 0.1 mm which exerts a force of around 44 N on the test specimen. During the test, the force is applied in continuation and is without any jerk. For timed analysis of the impact of force on the specimen, the force is exerted on the specimen and the time is noted for the span for which the force was applied. After the application of force is stopped, the depth if the indent made in the specimen by the instrument is measured and analysed which gives and accurate measure of the hardness of the rubber being tested. With the help of Hardness Tester Shore D offered by Pacorr, the manufacturers can easily determine the actually properties of the materials and then choose the right materials for their products for best quality assurance.

    • Measurement range : 0 … 100 Shore D
    • Resolution: 0.5 Hardness – Grade
    • Accuracy: ± 2 Hardness – Grade
    • Pressure force: 5 kg / 11.02 lbs
    • Indenter: 30°
    • Dimensions: 85 mm x 60 mm x 25 mm / 3.3 in x 2.36 in x 0.4 in
    • Power supply: 1 x 1.5V (SR44)
    • Weight: 300 g / < 1 lb
    • Easy operation
    • Compact Size
    • Easily Portable
    • Built from highly durable material

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