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Heat Deformation Tester is an extensively used testing instrument that is used in the polymer industries to test the quality and capacity of a polymeric material to bear the temperature without facing any deformation or deflection. The polymers are the cross linked chains of carbon molecules which have very high strength and elasticity but when they are exposed to high and elevated temperatures, this can cause the materials to deform easily.






    Now the polymers are normally used for manufacturing of different types products that are subjected to varying elevated temperatures and hence they can easily deformed. This is why the manufacturers of products need to ensure that they use only the best quality materials that have the ability to bear such high temperatures for better performance of the products. The Heat Deformation tester manufacturers and suppliers offer such a precise machine that it is the best instrument to test this property of the materials with a great accuracy.

    Pacorr’s Heat Deformation Tester is one of the most accurate and easy to operate testing instrument that is used for testing the quality and properties of the polymers when they are subjected to considerable high temperatures. The manufacturers of the products must have the idea of the heat bearing properties of polymers and how they behave in the situation where they have to face aa highly elevated range of temperatures.

    The polymers are used for producing a lot of different products such as bushes, seals and gaskets that have to best very high temperature due to the friction introduced to them during working. This high temperature can easily cause these products to deform and deflect to a great extent and hence can cause the products to fail very soon. The heat deformation tester is used by the manufacturers of polymeric products to test the behaviour of the products when subjected to high heat under a specific amount of load. This gives the accurate measure of the heat deformation temperature or VICAT Softening temperature.

    The test sample is placed and clamped in the instrument and then the load weight is applied on the test specimen. After the load is applied, the temperature of the specimen is gradually increased which in turn makes the material soft. After sometime, the specimen shows a deflection a specific temperature. This deflection is recorded by the gauge given in the instrument and the temperature on which the material shows deflection is termed as the VICAT softening temperature of the material.

    Accurate determination of the heat deformation temperature value is one of the most important factors for the polymers and it must be determined with great accuracy and precision. Pacorr is one of the most prominent Heat Deformation Tester manufacturers and suppliers with the help of which the polymeric products can be easily tested for elevated temperature and this can help the manufacturing in determining the aptness of such materials for a specific usage. Also they can make the necessary changes to enhance the quality and strength of the materials so that the products keep working for a longer time and also ensure that they do not cause the failure of the products for a longer time.

    • Indenter tip Diameter: 1mm
    • Temperature range: Up to 250ºC
    • Rate of Heating
    • 120 ± 100 C/hr
    • 50 ± 50 C/hr
    • Testing Weights : 5 Kg
    • Range Dial Gauge : up to 10 mm
    • Least Count : 0.001mm
    • Easy operation of the machine
    • Compact and takes less space
    • Can be used for a wide range of polymers
    • Comes with different weights to conduct test under different load conditions.
    • Wide range of temperatures can be tested.

    What is the use of heat deformation tester in the industries?

    The heat deformation tester is a very efficient testing device that is used in the industries to test the impact of extremely high temperature of the quality and performance of the products and materials when they are subject to such high and elevated temperatures.

    Which industries can benefit from the devices?

    The instrument is extremely helpful for testing the behaviour of materials when subject to extreme heat and hence can be very useful for industries such as metal industries, polymer industries, plastic industries and rubber industries.

    What is the rate of heating offered by the instrument?

    As the instrument is used for studying the impact of heat on the materials, it requires a rapid rate of heating and hence is provided with a heating rate of 1200 C ± 1000 C.

    How much weights are used during the testing producer?

    To test the extent of deformation caused by the high temperature in the test specimen, there are testing weights of 5 kilograms used with the device.