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Impact Tester for Glass Bottlesmanufacturers and suppliers provide a testing instrument is useful equipment that is used for testing the impact resistance that is offered by a glass bottle when it has an impact force exerted on it. The Glass bottles are very brittle and delicate and hence they can be broken with an easy blow. These glass bottles are used for packaging of a variety of products that need complete protection from outside factors.






    These glass bottles are responsible to keep those products safe and of good quality until they are consumed by the end users. This is why the strength and integrity of the bottles must be checked thoroughly with the help of proper equipment and testing procedure. The Impact Tester for Glass Bottles is a very efficient testing instrument provided by Pacorr that is used in the glass industries to test the strength of the glass bottles against impacts. With the help of this instrument, the manufacturers can ensure that the bottles they are using for packaging of their products are of best quality and they will provide the best safety to their products until usage.

    The Impact Tester for Glass Bottles manufacturers and suppliers provide the best machines that prove to be a magnificent testing instrument by Pacorr that is used for testing the strength of the glass bottles. The impact testing of glass bottles is necessary because the bottles are used for packaging of a variety of products such as cosmetics, food products, medical products and industrial chemicals. These products need to handles very carefully during their storage and transportation hence the manufacturers need to ensure that the glass bottles being used for packaging of such products are of good quality and strong enough to protect the safety of the products packaged in them. The glass bottles are very brittle and can break immediately if there is an impact force exerted on them. This property of glass bottle needs to be tested accurately and precisely for ensuring the best performance and better safety of the products. Pacorr’s Impact Tester for Glass Bottles is one of the most accurate testing instruments that are designed to give most accurate test results and that also with a great rate of reproducibility.

    The test is conducted by placing a glass bottle test specimen in beneath a rotating probe which is intended to exert an impact on the glass specimen. The impact is exerted in the specimen until it breaks. Once it breaks, the number of impacts are noted which is then further analysed to ensure the best strength of the bottles.

    The instrument can be used for testing lab test tubes, cosmetics bottles, food jars and bottles, drinks bottles, industrial bottles and so forth.

    The apparatus has a sturdy make and can serve for a very long service life without any major problem. The outer body including the base plate of the instrument is made for sturdy high quality mild steel and is designed to bear heavy impact during use in the industries.

    • Model: PCIRTG-1
    • Indenter: Anti-friction needle bearing with correct alignment and minimum inertia.
    • Force: lbs/inch
    • Backstop: Steel backstop along with changeable positioning guide.
    • Impact level is adjustable over a range of 0 to 22 inch-pounds available energy
    • Angle: 0 to 120 Degree
    • Maximum Impact Energy: 2.35 Nw/m
    • Impact Weights: 2 weights – 2.6Nw/m, 2.35Nw/m
    • Height: Adjustable height for bottle
    • A light-weight instrument with a rigid suspension that holds everlastingly associated pendulum assembly.
    • Head of the impact tester is designed to enhance the impact load applied to the container.
    • Crank & Screw of the instrument offers rapid, reproducible, and accurate height adjustments.
    • An optional anvil spacer of small diameter is provided with the machine.
    • Standard: DIN 52295-2010
    • Convenient adjustment of the sample position.
    • Ensured testing accuracy and test reliability.
    • It has a Stable and accurate pendulum which is able to rotate and release freely.
    • User-friendly design, easier for operation.

    What type of materials can be tested using the instrument?

    The Impact Tester offered by Pacorr can be used for testing the impact resistance of glass bottles that are used for packaging of different products.

    What test angles are used for conducting the test?

    Pacorr’s Impact tester is designed to provide easy and elaborated testing hence can be used for conducting test at an angle range from 00 to 1200.

    Is this instrument suitable for different sizes of bottles?

    With the height adjusting mechanism provided with the machine, it can be used for testing the impact resistance of bottles with different sizes and heights.

    Are there any accessories provided with the instrument?

    There is an optional anvil of a smaller diameter available for the customers with this machine but that is available on request and does not come standard with the machine.

    What standard does the machine follow?

    The impact tester by Pacorr is designed and manufactured following international standards for quality for better accuracy and precision. The machine follows the DIN 52295-2010 standard.