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Torque Tester Analogue manufacturers and suppliers provide the best accuracy testing instrument that is used in the bottle industries for testing the efficiency of the bottle caps for better quality assurance of the bottles. In the industries dealing with bottles, the quality of the bottles is of utmost importance as the quality of the bottles is solely responsible for the safety of the products that are being packaged in them.






    For this, it is important that the manufacturers test each and every aspect of the bottles such as strength, compressive buckling load, sealing and so forth so that the best level of the bottles could be ensured. One of the most important aspects of quality of the bottle sis the opening force required to open the bottle caps. The manufacturers of the bottles must ensure that the force required to open the bottle caps is not very low and also not very high to ensure perfect quality of the bottles. For this they need to test the bottle caps and the Torque Tester Analogue is one of the best testing instruments for that.

    Pacorr is a renowned Torque Tester Analogue manufacturers and suppliers that has been offering the best quality testing instrument to the industries for accurate quality testing and ensure best quality of the PET bottles used in the industries. The PET and plastic bottles are mainly used for packaging of products such as drinks, food products, medicines, industrial solvents and so forth. The strength and quality of these bottles needs to be of best level so that the manufacturers could rest assured about the safety of the products during storage or handling. One such important aspect of quality is the force required to open the cap of the bottles. The manufacturers must ensure that the caps of bottles are properly closed and they are not opened easily with a slight application of force. Otherwise the caps can be opened during the transportation or storage as different kinds of forces are applied on them. Also, there should not be a requirement of a heavy force to open the cap as it can cause huge inconvenience for the users. To ensure this, the manufacturers of the bottles need to perform torque test on the bottles for best quality assurance.

    The Torque Tester Analogue is an instrument that is used to measure the force required to open the bottle caps. The instrument has a platform fixed with for pegs to hold the bottle. The pegs are covered with a serrated layer of polymer which provides a good grip and avoids slippage. The bottle is placed between the pegs. Once the sample is placed, the cap is opened with the help of a lever. When the force is applied, the force applied is displayed on the analogue meter given with the machine. After the cap is opened, the needle of the gauge is stopped and the force required for opening the cap is recorded. The instrument comes with a rugged construction that allows the users to operate it in harshest of environments and get accurate testing data.

    • Maximum and minimum size : 400mm & 100mm respectively
    • Load indicator display : Analogue
    • Maximum range displayed : 80 LB. –IN
    • Angle of rotation : 60 degrees
    • Accuracy : +/-1% of Full Scale
    • The instrument is very simple and easy to operate.
    • The Equipment has serrated clamps for tight gripping of the instrument.
    • High accuracy of 1 % for better quality assurance.

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