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Paper and products that are used for manufacturing packaging materials needs to be string and must have the properties that could help in protecting the products in the packaging from different external factors such as dust, damage and moisture. One such property of paper and paper products is water absorbency. Paper with higher water absorbency is a better option to choose for packaging containers. The manufacturers ensure that the paper material they are using for he packaging materials must have enough water absorbency to survive the moist conditions that they might face during usage.

What does Water Absorbency of Paper implies?

Water absorbency or sizing ampleness is an estimation of the measure of water which is consumed by the wetted surface of the paper and paperboard materials. Different test strategies have been acquainted with measure the water absorbency strength of the papers, paperboards, cardboards and related materials. One of the famous test strategies which are utilized to gauge the water locking strength or water obstruction strength of the cardboards and paperboards is Cobb Sizing Test. Utilizing cobb sizing test, water spongy pace of papers, sheets, and related items.

Cobb Test for Papers and Paperboards

A cobb test is a profoundly successful test technique which is utilized to decide the water retention strength of the papers and the sizing ampleness of the materials as per which a paper test can be gauged and set in a tight barrel shaped vessel which is sponsored with an elastic gasket on a metal ring which guarantees zero percent spillage.

To play out the test, the tube shaped ring is loaded up with water by uncovering the upper side of the example to water. After a set time frame, the water is depleted, and the leftover water is blotched off from the outside of the paper utilizing a roller gave the machine by moving the roller on the example one time forward way and one time in reverse way without applying tension on it. After the methodology, the equivalent is weighed once more. The weight picked up by the example subsequent to dousing a particular measure of water is considered as the water absorbency of material.

How does Cobb Test help in Quality Determination?

The Cobb Sizing Test of papers assists with estimating the measure of water that a non-bibulous paper, ridged load up, paperboard, size paper or related materials can retain or oppose in a set timeframe state 60 seconds. This test assists with estimating the absorbency of the materials and estimated in unit g/m2. Water absorbency of a material firmly impacts the printability of water based cements.

Cobb Sizing tester

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Pacorr, one of the main maker, provider, and exporter of testing machines, offers a wide scope of paper and bundling testing machines. One such testing gadget which is utilized to gauge the strength of papers is Cobb Sizing Tester. The testing machine is utilized to play out the Cobb test effectively and assists with deciding the water ingestion strength of papers. The instrument is planned in severe conformance with the standard TAPPI T441 and ASTM D 3285. For more data on Cobb Sizing Tester, contact our specialists