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Cobb Sizing tester is the testing instrument that is used in paper and packaging industries to test the water absorbance of the materials. The industries that are involved in manufacturing of the packaging materials such as cardboard containers and corrugated sheets need to make sure that their products are of best quality and free from any quality defects as any quality flaw can cause damage to the products inside the packaging.






    One of the most important fact that must be kept in mind while choosing the packaging material is the introduction of the moisture to the packaging material. The moisture or water can disturb the molecular integrity of the material and cause extensive damage to the materials. The manufacturers need to ensure that the quality of that the packaging material they are manufacturing is able to absorb the moisture or water without facing any damage to ensure protection of the products. The Cobb Sizing tester manufacturers and suppliers develop the testing instrument is used by the manufacturers of packaging containers to test the water absorbance of the materials when subjected to moist condition.

    The Cobb Sizing is the amount of water that is absorbed by a material in a moist environment and it is tested using this testing instrument.

    Pacorr’s Cobb Sizing tester is one such instrument that is extensively used in packaging industries to test the water absorbance quality of the products and ensure best quality of the packaging materials. The packaging containers are often introduced to environment that have extreme moisture and water hence can face very great damage and can be proved to be harmful for the products as well. This demands the manufacturers to focus their attention on the water absorbance of the materials that are used for packaging.

    The Cobb Sizing tester manufacturers and suppliers design the instrument that is capable of providing the accurate testing of the Cobb Sizing of any material. The Cobb Sizing is the amount of water that is absorbed by a material when it is immersed in water. The instrument comes with stainless steel container which contains water. The container is placed on a fixture which holds it. The specimen to be tested is weighed before commencing the test procedure. The container is filled with water and the test specimen is immersed in the water for a specific amount of time of 120 seconds. After that time the specimen is taken out. There is a stainless steel roller given with the instrument that is used to take all the water out of the specimen. The specimen is again weighed and the Cobb Sizing is calculated with the help of the following formula.

    Cobb Sizing = Weight of the specimen after test procedure and weight of the specimen before test procedure.

    The instrument is very easy and simple to operate and does not require any electrical power to operate. The body of the equipment is made from high quality mild steel as well as stainless steel and powder coated which ensures rigid operation and long service life.

    • Inner diameter of reservoir: 112.8 mm
    • Area of opening of reservoir: 100 cm2
    • Height of reservoir: 25 mm
    • Diameter of brass roller: 100 mm
    • Length of brass roller: 200 mm
    • Weight of brass roller: 10 kg


    • IS 1060 (Part 1) – 1966: Methods of Sampling and Test for Paper and Allied Products
    • TAPPI – T 441 om-90: Water Absorptiveness of Paper and Paperboard (Cobb test)
    • Safety: Locking pin
    • Standards: IS:7028 Pt IV
    • Easy and fast fixing of specimen
    • Very simple operation
    • Stainless steel for longer life and corrosion resistance.
    • Lightweight and easy to move.

    What kind of materials can be tested using Cobb Sizing Tester?

    Cobb Sizing Tester is an instrument that is designed for testing the packaging materials used in industries. These materials include the corrugated sheets, cardboard sheets, paper.

    What standards does the instrument complyto?

    Pacorr offers instruments that comply to international standards prescribed by authorities such as ISO and ASTM. Cobb Sizing Tester adheres to standards like IS 1060 (Part 1) – 1966, TAPPI – T 441 om-90 and IS:7028 Pt IV

    What is the size of sample that can used for testing?

    The inner diameter of the reservoir of the instrument allows you to test a sample with a diameter of 112.8 mm.

    What are the accessories offered with Cobb Sizing Tester?

    Cobb Sizing Tester offered by Pacorr is a simple and easy to operate device. Along with the devices, there is a brass roller that comes with the devices and is used for draining out the water from the samples after test.

    What if Sample stays in the water during a test for a long time?

    The maximum amount of water a material can retain is constant. If a material is left in the water for a longer time then it might lose its molecular integrity but the Cobb Sizing Value will not change