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Nearly all products that make the automotive industry need color consistency in its exterior and interior design. External body, bumpers, doors, roofs, dashboards etc. require consistency and uniformity in their color and gloss. Any variation in the shade of 2 cars having the same color severely impacts the brand image of the manufacturer. Various color measurement devices such as color matching cabinet are used extensively by different manufacturers in their R & D and production line. By using such devices, measure color for car manufacturers can bring uniformity in the color of the cars that are manufactured in various countries.

The color measurement devices like a Color Matching Machine are used widely in checking the color of products that are taken from vendors to whom the parts manufacturing have been outsourced. Vendors also use the color measurement devices to reject the parts that do not match the color standards fixed by the manufacturer.

Automobile exterior colors are affected by many factors like current needs, sense of values of customers and colors of the industries’ styles, designs, products, paints and painting techniques. Consumer’s color preferences depend on cultural factors and the importance of color varies slightly in each market.

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Cars are manufactured in various stages and the whole unit may get manufactured at the same place. Such as a car design may be finalised by a German automobile specialist that a German car manufactures. They produce the exterior model. The interiors may be outsourced to New York, the engine to Russia so on. The whole car must be in Red color that must be assembled under one roof. It is important to ensure that all the exteriors have color consistency with regard to its shading which is supposed to be its final color of car design. So, the color should be evaluated properly as seen by unaided eyes may appear different color in Germany or any other location.

Color Matching Cabinet Boxes ensure color consistency in each and every part of the car. It is a reliable machine to test color consistency using different light sources. Color Light Box for Matching offers a standard visual evaluation of color. It has accurate technology and sophisticated features to detect minute variations in color.

Color Matching Box prices are a reasonable and affordable machine that uses high-quality light sources. Color Matching Light Box is preferred universally as it gives an accurate, closer and faster color matching.