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Torque is vital to measure today’s machinery. By measuring torque, an individual can determine the amount of force applied to an object. Torque can be defined as the angular force needed to rotate something such as the force required to turn the steering wheel as you round a corner. The common applications for torque testing can be applied in fastening and in products with rotating parts like engines, motors, or transmissions. By evaluating and analysing the torque features in such applications it is possible to determine in an accurate manner about the quality of the part but also the main cause of various defects. Similarly, it is also important to determine the amount of torque required to ensure the best quality of packaging bottles. The cap of a bottle should require just the adequate amount of torque to open and close. Of too much of torque is required, it can be inconvenient for the users and if too little of the torque is used, it can be unsafe for the products packaged in the bottle.

It is also important to measure the seal integrity of a bottle in good packaging bottle. The special marks on the bottles and the closure to make the opening and closing of the bottle fast. Torque testing method is used to test the seal integrity. Torque testing machine can be used to get an accurate measurement of the force needed to open the cap.

In manual Cap Torque Tester model, the lower end of the bottle is fixed in the grips. The torque sensors are used in the instrument to measure the load applied manually. In the automatic model, the neck and bottom of the bottle are clamped. The lower end is tightened on the pegs, with the upper end tightened on stationery assembly. The pegs rotate till the cap opens up. The force exerted by the machine to open the cap is evaluated by the load sensor and shown on the screen.

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Since loose caps results in leakage of liquid content packed inside the bottles. Sometimes tend to open after falling. A bottle carrying medicine must be strong enough so that a child cannot open the bottle. It should not be very tight so that a person has to apply extra effort to open it. Bottles that carry chemicals usually have low torque. Due to this reason, they are more prone to accidents due to leakage. The accidental falling may cause the loose cap to the spill of liquid contents packed inside which may be hazardous.

For example, the packing of carbonated contents having high torque becomes difficult due to the pressure that builds inside. Pacorr offers Digital Torque tester that is available in two models i.e. automatic and manual. The manual model is reasonable for many users as the torque is applied by the user.