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Pacorr offers one of the most sophisticated and accurate Torque Tester –digital that is used in a variety of industries for quality control of different types packaging containers. When it comes to the quality of products that are stored in a bottles the packaging plays a very important in the efficient as well as safe storage and transportation. The PET bottles and containers that are used for packaging of such products need to have the best quality and strength so that the products inside the containers do not any impact of the outside factors.






    One such factor is the force that is required to open the cap of the bottles and containers. If the force required to open the bottles is too much, then it can be hectic for the users to open the container and if the force required is too low then it might open accidently during transit. This is why, the manufacturers of the PET and plastic bottles and containers need to ensure that they test this feature of the containers before they are sued for packaging of the products. The Torque Tester Digital manufacturers and suppliers offer one such testing equipment that is used in the industries to ensure the best quality of the PET and hence ensure maximum safety of the products. Pacorr offers the most accurate torque tester digital that is very easy to use and gives the most accurate testing data with digital display for easy and convenient reading of the testing data.

    Torque Tester Digital that is offered by Pacorr is one of the most consistent testing instruments that are used in the PET industries as well as the industries dealing with bottling of the products. The instrument is used for testing the force required for opening the cap that is closed on a bottle or containers. This testing is needed for ensuring that neither too much nor very low force is needed for opening the cap of the containers so that best level of safety and quality of the products packaged in the containers could be ensured.

    The Torque Tester Digital manufacturers and suppliers provide with a digital display that helps in easy and accurate testing results to ensure best quality of the containers. In addition to that, the instrument comes with four serrated pegs or holders that are used for holding the test specimen with enough grip and hence ensure the most accurate testing. With this equipment, the PET industries can easily test the fastening of the caps of the bottles hence ensure the best quality of the products.

    The digital model that is offered by Pacorr is one of the most accurate and easy to use model of torque tester that can be used conveniently and has a very easy operation. The machine comes with an auto tare set facility and also has the peak hold feature which records the highest measured testing data for the test specimen. With this highly precise and accurate testing instrument, the industries can ensure that they are providing nothing but the best quality of products to the customers.

    • Model: PCTTD-1
    • Capacity: 5 Nm & 10 Nm
    • Accuracy: 0.5% of FSD
    • Display: LED
    • Sample diameter range: Ф20-200 mm
    • Power Supply: 230 V AC
    • 20-200mm diameter bottles/ Jars can be tested
    • Choice of different Units available like Lbs-Inch, N-Cm
    • Peak Hold Facility
    • Can measure clockwise and anti-clockwise torque value
    • Tare Facility
    • Facility to set upper and lower torque limits.

    What is the use of Torque Tester in the bottle industries?

    For bottle industry, it is important that the quality of the bottle sis of high level and the caps of the bottles are closed with right torque. The torque tester offered by Pacorr is used for testing the amount of torque that is required to open the bottles caps used for packaging of different products.

    Is it possible to order additional holding pegs for the machine?

    Pacorr’s Torque tester is equipped with four serrated pegs that are used for holding the test samples. Customers can order additional holding pegs to have in spare in case a peg is lost or worn off due to testing.

    What size of bottles can be tested using this machine?

    The torque tester offered by Pacorr can be used for testing a variety of sizes of bottles used in the industries ranging from 20 mm diameter to 200 mm diameter.

    Is there a digital model of the testing device available?

    Yes. Pacorr offers two different models of Torque tester. One is the analogue model and the other one is the digital model with a microcontroller digital display.

    What capacities of the machine are available for this machine?

    The torque tester offered by Pacorr is available in two different capacities of 5 newton-meter and 10 newton-meter.