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Packaging is one of the most important factors when it comes to the quality perception of any product. The manufacturers of different products emphasize on getting the best packaging materials for their products so that it could project a better image of the products as well as the brand. When it comes to packaging quality, there are many different factors that are in paly to give the best strength and quality to the packaging materials. It includes the strength, the sealing capacity, and the look and feel of the packaging. The look and feel of the packaging is of great importance when it comes to products and packaging color is one component of the overall look and feel of the product packaging.

Packaging colors are one of the elements that make the business separate from others and the choice of colors will set the product separate from competitor’s products.The colors that are chosen must send the correct psychological messages to inspire any customer to buy the product. Color isthe best method to reflect and enhance a uniform image and branding of the product as it is a strong visual medium. The choice of colors also relates to the logo and reflects the image that is sent to the market to attract customers.

When it comes to packaging, color is crucial components to attract buyers. It is visible from a great distance than other elements like graphics, pictures etc. Understanding color psychology is crucial for the success of packaging. Poor color choice possesses a negative impact of your message. The color of the package should stand out on durability and tested in context. Various researches have shown that participants are able to recognize and recall an item but among various products. Vibrant colors are the attraction in the packaging industry and the latest trend is catching up fast.

To make your brand distinct from rest, there should be color consistency in your packing materials. Various color measurement solution should be adopted. Portable Spectrophotometer offered by Pacorr is widely used in the print and packaging industry to meet everyday challenges. These devices are engineered with great precision to deliver accurate test results.

Portable Spectrophotometer

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To attract the customers, various techniques like inks on metallic base materials are used. This trend is gaining popularity but it is also important to face the challenge for the printing industry to keep the prints consistent. Using smart devices, it is possible for the color managers to measure them so that standards can comply and customer’s demands are met. With the change in ink batch, there will surely be dissimilarity despite giving good efforts.

Portable Spectrophotometer cm 2500d has been used for years to quantify the colors. Previous spectrophotometers used to come in chunky designs and occupied more space. Now a days, portability is in great demand. Pacorr’s Spectrophotometer for color matching is ergonomically designed for mobility and accurate results delivery. The instrument can be operated with one click and catches the image of the master. The processor of the device determines the sample image and quantifies the values. The master and sample values are compared and the tolerance level is adjusted.

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