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The packaging material is a very important thing as it maintains the safety and hygiene of the contents inside. PET bottles have more benefits over glass products. They are non-reactive, break resistant, lightweight, etc. There are many advantages of using a PET, but the most common advantage is that it is very easy to review the design of plastic packing if getting failed repeatedly. The review process does not cost much to the company but definitely needs an accurate testing process. Properties like strain dissemination, transparency and wall thickness requires examination for successful design. Bottle Burst Tester assures zero damage in storage conditions.

Manufacturers perform a very common test i.e. bottle burst test to test the sustainability of the bottle under extreme pressure. Especially in aerated beverages, because of excessive shaking, there are chances of creating high pressure inside the bottle. It can lead to bursting of the bottle in case of failure to withstand the strength. With the bottle bursting test, producers can identify the appropriate amount of pressure that a bottle can bear.

Also, during extensive research, the design of the bottle can be tested to assure the pressure holding capacity of the bottle. Creep test is another critical test that can be conducted to see for how long the bottle can withstand a pre-set pressure.

The need to conduct the test is due to the reason that PET is the most consistent means of packaging. It is replacing other forms of packings in many industries. Not only liquids but other forms of powder, granules, solids, etc. can be transported in PET packings. It is compulsory for the manufacturers to detect the efficiency of the packings with respect to internal standards or by applying standards of authorised organisations.

Bottle burst tester

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The bottles are packed with extreme pressure in aerated drinks filling line, which sometimes leads to the bursting of the bottle. High pressure is needed at the time of filling to keep the freshness intact. This is the main reason for the bursting of bottles sometimes. Hence, it is compulsory to assess the bursting strength of PET bottles with the help of Bottle Burst Tester.

Salient Features of Pacorr’s Bottle Burst Tester:

  • This equipment is utilised for the measuring of expansion volume, burst strength, and wall thickness of PET bottles
  • The machine is equipped with a modern HMI touchscreen for best system control
  • Provides USB interface for data storing
  • The rigid clamping mechanism to hold the bottle.
  • Digital Pre-set Timer function for high accuracy and repeatability