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Paper Stiffness tester manufacturers and suppliers offer the most efficient testing instrument that is used in paper industries to test the strength of paper and similar materials. In industries, paper and fabrics are used for a lot of different tasks. In order to perform these tasks efficiently, it is essential that the paper and fabric have all the required properties that are needed. With good quality paper, there are many uses for that.






    One such quality is the flexural rigidity of the paper. This gives an idea of the behaviour of the paper and fabrics when they are subjected to the bending forces during their actual use. The stiffness tester is the instrument that is used in the industries to test not only the stiffness of paper but also of fabrics and linear boards and paper boards and hence allows the manufacturers to provide the best quality products to the customers.

    Pacorr is a prominent Paper stiffness tester manufacturers and suppliers offering the best quality instrument for the industries to ensure best level of quality. In order to determine whether the paper of certain quality is apt for a particular task or not, it has to undergo many different testing procedures. The stiffness is the property of a paper that causes it to offer resistance when there is a bending force applied on it. This property is also tested for fabrics and cardboard as well. This is why the manufacturers need to ensure that they test the materials before commencing any process of manufacturing.

    The Paper stiffness of the paper is also a great indicator of its strength and rigidity. The economic value of the paper is also decided by the stiffness it has. This is why, it becomes more important to test the flexural rigidity of the materials like paper, fabrics, linear paperboards, cardboards etc. To test the stiffness of the materials, the stiffness tester is the testing instrument that is used in the industries.

    The Paper stiffness tester is the instrument which has a clamping system that is used for mounting of the test specimen. The lower faces of the clamps are placed at the center of rotation which is mainly located on the pendulum. With the help of this arrangement, it could be ensured that the angle of deflection and test are constant and hence provide accurate testing results. The test starts when the load is applied on the lower end of the test sample. The clamping jaws keep the sample at the center and the force applied on the specimen causes the clamps to have a bending effect. The force at which the specimen shows a bent deflection, that force gives the stiffness value of the specimen.

    The testing instrument is designed according to the standards of TAPPI-T489 OM-08. The instrument is designed and manufactured with high quality and precision and hence gives the most accurate testing data. This makes this instrument the best option to test the flexural rigidity of Paper and similar materials such as fabrics, cardboards and linear boards.

    • Weight of pendulum – 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 SU
    • Weight of stud – 10 ± 0.001gm
    • Sample size – 70 ± 1mm X 38.1 ± 0.3mm
    • Unit scale range – 0 – 100
    • Angle – 7.5°, 15°
    • Motor – 2 RPM
    • Power – 220V, 50Hz, single phase
    • The friction of pendulum is based on high procession bearing.
    • It has 2 clamps. 1 is ratchet style and other is the flat type.
    • The instrument stands on telescopic legs
    • The main body is made up of mild steel or aluminium
    • It has combination finish and bright chrome plating
    • Standards: ASTM D1388

    What is the weight of the pendulum provided with the instrument?

    The Stiffness tester for paper offered by Pacorr is designed to measure the stiffness of a variety of paper quality hence there are variable weights of pendulum available with the instrument ranging that are 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 SU.

    What is the size of the sample required for testing?

    The sample size that is required for conducting test with this instrument is 70 +/- 1mm X38.1+/- 0.3 mm.

    Does it require any power supply?

    Yes. The instrument is designed with a motor of 2 rpm speed which runs on a electrical power supply of 220 V 50 Hz single phase.

    What is the clamping mechanism of the instrument?

    The instrument comes with two clamping mechanisms that are designed to provide better grip to the sample. The two clamps include a flat type clamp and a ratchet style clamp.

    What are the standards followed by the instruments?

    The Stiffness tester for paper is designed to conform to the international standards that are prescribed for testing so that the accuracy and precision of the testing data is reliable to a high degree. The instrument follows the ASTM D 1388 standard.