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Vibration Table manufacturers and suppliers are dedicated to supply the best quality vibration tables to the industries testing the behaviour of the products and materials under different circumstances. In industries, when the products are packaged and transported, then they have to bear a lot of forces that can easily cause damage to the integrity of the packaging as well as the safety of the products. In order to protect the products from such threat of damage, the manufacturers must test their products for the impact of rigorous vibration on the quality as well as integrity of the products.






    The manufacturers must ensure that the products they are delivering to the customers is of best quality. In addition to the products testing, the packaging of the products also must be tested for the quality and strength so that they could also bear the vibrational forces during storage, handling and transit. The Vibration Table is the best testing instrument offered by Pacorr for testing this ability of products and packaging materials.

    Pacorr is one of the best Vibration Table manufacturers and suppliers and offer the most efficient and accurate testing instrument that can be used by the industries for testing the ability to withstand the vibrational forces that are acted on them. When a product is manufactured in an industry and is transported to another location, then it is understood that the products will have to bear a lot of forces that can damage the whole quality and efficiency of the products. This is why the manufacturers need to make arrangements so that the products could survive the harsh forces acting upon them. One of the best methods is to ensure the best packaging for the products. The packaging also must be tested for strength and durability so that it could be ensured that they will be able to safeguard the products during transit and storage. In addition to that, the products must also be tested for their strength to bear the vibration force that acts on them during transportation. And not only transportation, but sometimes products have to bear these vibrations even at the place of usage as well. In that case, the products must be tested on a Vibration Table to estimate its behaviour and impact of vibration on the quality and performance of the product.

    The Vibration Table is the most efficient testing instrument offered by Pacorr that can be used in different industries to test the impact of prolonged vibrations on the quality of the products. The instrument comes with a platform where the test sample is placed. After the sample is placed, the instrument is switched on and the frequency of the vibration is set. The instrument vibrates for a given amount of time at a given frequency. The frequency of the test vibration is monitored and controlled with help of digital display and independent control panel given with the instrument. After the test is concluded, the sample is analysed for any damage or deformation. With the help of this instrument the manufacturers can easily ensure that their products can survive the transportation forces and can be delivered to the customers safely.

    • Area of Table: 800mm x 800mm
    • Frequency: 5 – 7 Hz
    • Maximum Test Load: 50 Kg
    • Railing Guard Height: 300 mm
    • Timer: 0 – 99 Hours
    • Amplitude: 25mm
    • Controls: Digital
    • Power Supply: 220 V AC, 50Hz
    • Standards: ASTM D 999 – 96,
    • Independent control panel for operator’s safety.
    • The digital screen display the vibration frequency.
    • AC frequency control.
    • Unique Design, Easy Operation.

    What is a vibration table used for?

    The vibration table is an instrument that is used for simulation of vibration that are faced by different products during the usage. This way, it is used for testing the impact of the vibrations on the quality of the products.

    Where is the vibration table used?

    The most important usage of the instrument is done in the packaging industries to test the behaviour of packaging boxes and containers when they are subject to the vibration during the time of transit or storage.

    What is maximum capacity of the instrument?

    The powerful instrument is designed for heavy duty performance and is capable of testing with a maximum of 50 kilograms of load.

    What is the power requirement for the instrument?

    The instrument runs on a direct power supply of rating 220 V, 50 Hz AC.

    What type of controls given with the instrument?

    For easy operation of the instrument, the controls given with the instrument are completely digital.