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Automatic Melt Flow Index Tester (Computerized) manufacturers and suppliers have been providing a very high precision testing instrument or the plastic industries and helping them in ensuring the best quality assurance of their products and materials. In the plastic industries, the raw materials that is used for manufacturing the final products is of very great importance.






    The manufacturers can easily ensure the best quality of products if they can ensure that raw material they are using for manufacturing the products are of best quality. There are many different aspects of qualities that need to be tested when it comes to the testing of raw materials in the plastic industries. For example, the molecular composition, cross linking of the polymeric molecules, physical strength and so forth are needed to be tested to analyse the quality of the materials. One such property is the Melt flow index. The melt flow index is the quantity that is used for determining many other properties of the materials such as physical strength. Automatic Melt Flow Index Tester (Computerized) is the best testing instrument to test the MFR of a plastic material.

    Pacorr has made its place in the list of the most reliable Automatic Melt Flow Index Tester (Computerized) manufacturers and suppliers and has been dedicated to provide the best quality testing instruments for the plastic industry and ensure that it helps them in ensuring best quality of their products. IN the plastic industry, the quality of products is very important and it is dependent on many different factors such as the manufacturing process, the raw materials, ambient conditions and so forth. This is why the manufacturers of the plastic products must keep a close check on these factors to ensure best quality assurance. The melt flow index of the raw materials in plastic industries is a very important quality that is used for determining many other properties of the materials such as physical strength, chemical composition, molecular bonds and many other. The melt flow index or melt flow rate is the measure of the weight of molten material that can pass through a jet of a specific size (length and diameter) under the effect of a shearing force.

    To perform this test, the Automatic Melt Flow Index Tester (Computerized) is one of the best testing instruments as it gives highly accurate testing data and is very easy to operate. The testing is performed under the prescribed condition according the international quality standards ASTM D 1238-1992 and ISO 1133. The instrument incorporates a microprocessor chip based PID controller that controls the melting temperature of the resin during the test. The material to be tested is placed in the cylindrical cavity and the temperature is raised. When the resin starts melting, a cylindrical piston is placed in the cavity with a specific load. The instrument comes with a pre-set timer which can be programmed for cutting the sample that is being extruded from the cavity. The machine comes with a computer software program that allows auto-weighing of the cut sample with the help of RS232 communication port. With the help of computer connectivity, it becomes very easy to analyse and generate test reports for convenient analysis and better quality control.

    • Model: PCAMFIC-1
    • Display: Digital LCD with backlit
    • Auto Cutting
    • Auto Weighing
    • Inbuilt digital Weighing Balance with Accuracy of 0.001gm (1mg).
    • Auto MFR Calculation.
    • Window based software.
    • RS 232 port to Interface with Computer.
    • Temp Controller: Microcontroller based LED Temperature Controller.
    • Temperature Range: Upto 400ºC
    • Resolution: 0.1 degree C
    • Accuracy: ± 0.1°C.
    • Timer: Range up to 999.9 Seconds
    • Weights: 2.16, 5.0 Kg hard chrome plated weights.
    • Accessories: Orifice, Piston, Material charger, Barrel cleaner, Orifice cleaner, Sample Cutter.
    • On completion of test scrolling display for all the Individual results and Average MFI value.
    • Transfer to PC or Computer for record or Print on completion of Test.
    • Paint: Powder Coated.
    • Power: 220V AC / 50 Hz, Single Phase
    • Amperes: 4 Amps.
    • Table Top Model

    • Note: In addition to this we request you to buy Personal Computer with CD Rom & Serial interface COM Port (COM1).

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