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IZOD/ Charpy Impact Tester manufacturers and suppliers provide an instrument that is used in the plastic industries to test the quality of the plastic materials. The plastic materials are used for manufacturing a variety of products for domestic and industrial usage. During industrial usage, there are different types of forces and impacts that are exerted on these products that can damage the plastics to an extent that can cause complete failure of the products.






    In order to ensure that the plastic materials are strong enough to bear those impacts and forces, the manufacturers must test the materials before manufacturing of the products. The IZOD/ Charpy Impact Tester is the most appropriate testing instrument that is used for ensuring the best accuracy of testing data for plastics and helps in maintaining the best level of quality of the products.

    Pacorr is among the best IZOD/ Charpy Impact Testermanufacturers and suppliers that offer equipment that is a very useful testing machine for the plastic industries. In plastic industries, there are variable strength and properties of plastics available for use in different industries. These plastic materials are used for making products such as bushes, switches, gaskets and many more. As these plastic products are used in some of very crucial applications, it is essential that they quality of these plastic products is of utmost level. This is why the manufacturers must conduct proper testing of the products with great accuracy and precision. There are many different testing procedures that are used for testing the quality and strength of the plastic materials. The IZOD/ Charpy Impact Testeris one such testing instrument that is used for testing the effects of the impact forces that are faced by plastics in the industries during usage.

    An Impact test is a procedure that is used for analysis of the toughness and strength of the plastics. This test is very useful in testing the capacity of the materials in resisting any failure due to any impacts or shocks that are exerted on the materials. The testing instrument comprises of a weighted pendulum that is used for exerting the impact force on the material. The instrument can be used for performing two different testing procedures that are IZOD impact test that is performed by exerting horizontal impact on a specimen that is clamped in the vertical direction. The Second test that can be performed with this instrument is Charpy impact test that is performed by exertion of a vertical impact on the specimen when it is clamped horizontally.

    The impact is exerted on the specimen until the specimen reached complete failure. This helps in understanding the behaviour of the specimen when it is subjected to any kind of impact also it gives the value of the impact force that is required for complete failure of the material. The IZOD/ Charpy Impact Tester manufacturers and suppliers design the instrument according to the standards prescribed in the ASTM D1204, ASTM D256, ASTM D883 which ensures that the instrument can give you the best accuracy of testing data and ensure better quality of products to the customers.

    • Model: PCICIT-1
    • Impact Energy :0-25 Joules
    • Release angle of pendulum: 150 Degree
    • Micro controller: With setting of sample dimension, error of machine and selection of Standard of test process (IS, ISO or ASTM) and hammer selection with Direct display of impact energy in joules and Impact Strength in J/mt& J/mt² and corresponding angle in degrees on digital indicator with selection of hammer.
    • 4 Line LCD display with 10 test memory with Average result of selected test.
    • Indication to select low or high value of Hammer during test.
    • Indication to conduct test by microcontroller.
    • Faulty sensor indication on LCD display.
    • Easy, Safe and maintenance free release mechanism for Hammers.
    • Easy interchangeability of hammers during test.
    • Hammers: 2 nos. of Powder coated hammers of one each for Charpy & Izod Tests
    • Supplied with Incremental plates would be supplied which could be attached to these hammers to convert them in to hammers for 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th scale.
    • Screw (Vise) type powder coated bench for Izod test and Sample holding stand for Charpy sample test as per standard.
    • Paint: Powder Coated.
    • Power:230 V AC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz. (OR AS PER REQUIREMENT)
    • The instrument is available in different scales.
    • Digital LED display for clear and precise test results.
    • Duly powder coated body for better safety from corrosion and better aesthetic looks.
    • Easy and simple operation.

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