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Adhesive tapes are widely used in different industries for various purposes. The most prevailing use of adhesive tapes is done in the packaging industries. As the packaging of the products has a great impact on the quality of the products that is being inserted in the packaging, it is essential that the packaging should be of best quality and must be capable of handling the force that might be exerted on it while handling and transit. For this, the manufacturers need to ensure that the adhesives they use for packaging or products are thoroughly tested with instrument like Adhesive Bond Strength Tester.






    Adhesive Bond Strength Tester is a precise and accurate testing instrument offered by Pacorr testing instrument that is widely used in the industries for ensuring the best strength of the best strength and quality of the adhesives that are used for packaging of different products. With the help of this instruments the manufacturers of the adhesive can ensure that the products they manufacture is capable of facing the harsh forces that might be exerted on it during transportation and handling while maintaining its adhesive strength. With this, they can ensure that their product will not fail when applied to some critical application and ensure better safety and performance of the products.

    The instrument has two clamps in which the adhesive to be tested is fixed. Once the specimen is fixed, the clamps are moved away from each other. This exerts a separating force on the specimen causing it to peel. The clamps are moved until the adhesive is completely ruptured. The force required to peel off the adhesive is recorded and shown on the digital display given with the instrument.

    The instrument is ideal for use in industries where there is extensive use of adhesive materials such as tapes. The adhesive bond strength tester

    What is the deriving mechanism of Peel Strength Tester?

    The peel strength tester offered by Pacorr works on a single screw mechanism that is driven by induction motors and reduction gearboxes.

    What are the test results display options for the instrument?

    Pacorr’s Peel strength tester comes with two different models. One is the digital model that comes with a digital display and the other one is computerized model that comes with a computer connectivity option.

    What are test types performed with the instrument?

    The instrument offered by Pacorr can be used for testing the strength and quality of self-adhesive materials. With this instrument, the users can test the load applied on the test specimen and the elongation in the specimen on application of the load.

    My machine does not show any reading on the display. What should I do?

    If your machine is not showing any reading on the display, then it is possible that the display is malfunctioning. You must contact Pacorr’s support team. They will shortly help you with the issue.

    Any maintenance tips for the machine?

    The machine offered by Pacorr is made form very high quality materials and hence do not need much of requirements. The only thing you need to do is proper greasing of the lead screw and regular calibration of the instrument which can be done by our technical support team.