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Peel Strength Tester Computerized manufacturers and suppliers are responsible for providing a highly accurate and precise testing instrument to the industries, where they can test the adhesion strength of the adhesive products such as labelling tapes, self-adhesive tapes and packaging tapes. In the packaging industries, the role of the packaging tape and self-adhesive tapes is very crucial.






    These tapes are responsible for providing the best level of protection to the products that are packaged in different packaging containers. The adhesion property of the tapes is one of the most important properties that keeps them on the surface where they are applied. The manufacturers need to understand the importance of the adhesion strength of the tapes and hence ensure the best strength of the tapes when delivered to the customers. The manufacturers can ensure the best quality and strength of the adhesive tapes by testing them with the help of peel strength tester that gives accurate data about the peel strength of the adhesive tapes used for packaging.

    Pacorr comes under the most renowned Peel strength tester computerized manufacturers and suppliers and has been providing the highly accurate and precise testing instruments that are being used in many different packaging industries. In the packaging industries, the safety of the packages is greatly dependent on the way they are sealed. The adhesive tapes are used for sealing of the packaging containers and hence these tapes need to be of best quality. The adhesion strength of the tape is one of the most important factors that contribute to the safety of the packages and hence the manufacturers of these tapes must understand the importance of the peel strength of the materials so that they are not scraped off when there is a huge amount of pressure or force applied on them during transit or storage handling. The forces that the packaging containers experience during storage and handling can easily peel off the tapes and compromise the seal of the containers along with the safety of the products that is packaged inside the containers.

    The peel strength tester computerized is one of the most extensively used testing instrument that is used in the packaging and adhesive industries to test the strength of the adhesives. The instrument comes with two serrated jaws that are used for holding the test sample. The sample is placed between the clamps and the movable clamp of the machine is moved in the opposite direction from the fixed clamp. This applies a force on the sample and peels it off from the surface. The force that is required to peel off the sample form the surface is recorded by the highly accurate load cell given with the equipment. The force applied is displayed on the digital display provided in the machine. The instrument is also provided with computer software and computer connectivity port which allows the users to connect the machine with a computer where an in depth analyses of the test data can be done and hence can provide the most accurate data analysis so that the manufacturers could provide the best quality tapes to the customers.

    • Display: Computerised and Digital LED Display
    • No. of screws: Single screw mechanism driven through motor & gearbox
    • Vertical Clearance: 400 mm
    • Exterior Body Paint: Powder coated
    • Display: Digital LCD Display
    • Capacity Range: 20 Kgf/ 50 Kgf
    • Load cell: ‘S Type’ load-cell of reputed make
    • Least count for load: 2/5 Grams
    • Results displayed on screen: Load & Elongation values
    • Least count for elongation: 0.1 mm
    • Speed Range: 40mm/min – 400 mm/min
    • Load units: Kg
    • Speed control: Dedicated AC Drive
    • Motor for speed variations: Reputed make induction motor with dedicated gear box
    • Test jaws: Vice Type (By Default) else Please specify your applications at the time of order.
    • Power Supply: 230 Volt, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC Supply
    • Compact Model that occupies lesser space
    • Highly accurate load cell and load sensor
    • Computerised software for easy operation and consistent test results.
    • Very low tolerance of ±2%.
    • Self-calibration feature available with the machine.
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    Pacorr offers is the one I am using this instrument is very unique, accurate and precise. It is also very easy to use and operate.

    bySonu onPacorr
    This is good product

    This is good product

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    bySonu onPacorr
    This is good product

    This is good product