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Laboratory Heat Sealer manufacturers and suppliers provide the best laboratory instrument that can be used in various industries for sealing of different products and materials. In packaging industries, the plastic bags and films are extensively used for packaging of different products. The packaging of a product is extremely important for the safety and quality of the products.






    The manufacturers of the packaging materials need to ensure that they provide the best quality of products to the industries for ensuring best level of safety and protection of the products that are packaged in the packaging materials. One of the main aspects of the packaging such as plastic bags is sealing of the packages. It is essential that the packaging containers are sealed properly without any chance of leakages which can be done with the help of Laboratory heat sealer.

    Pacorr is one of the most premium laboratory hear sealer manufacturers and suppliers providing the best precision lab instruments to the industries. In the packaging industries, the quality of packaging materials and bags is of utmost importance. The manufacturers of any product need to provide the best safety to their products and packaging of the materials plays an important role in providing the best level of safety top the products packaged in them. In order to provide the best safety to the products, the flexible packaging containers such as plastic bags need to be sealed accurately and precisely with the help of different methods. The most accurate method to seal the thermoplastic materials is with the help of a heat sealer.

    The laboratory heat sealer is the instrument that is vastly used in the packaging industries for the sealing of the plastic bags and containers with the help of heat. The instrument is provided with two jaws which are fitted with the heating elements. The packaging bag is placed between the jaws and the bags are sealed with the help of pneumatic pressure that is applied on the bag’s edges. The instrument is ideal for use for the purpose of sealing of plastic bags in the industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals and so forth. It is applicable for thermoplastic materials such as HDPE, LDPE, PP, PE and other materials used for making packaging bags. Both the jaws that are used for applying heat and pressure come with separate heating elements so the jaws can be heated separately according to the requirements. The heating element used in the instrument is the high quality kanthal wires that provide accurate heating and can work for longer times. The manufacturers have also provided with digital display that gives the accurate reading of the temperature of both the jaws separately. As the jaws can be heated separately, the temperature of both the jaws can be adjusted at different levels to ensure accuracy. If not required, one jaw can also be switched off. The temperature of the instrument is regulated with the help of high precision PID heat controllers. With Pacorr’s Laboratory Heat Sealers, the manufacturers of packaging can ensure the best quality of packaging materials provided to their customers.

    • Model: PCLHS-1
    • Sealing Temperature Range: Ambient to 300˚C.
    • Temperature Controller: PID
    • Instrument Temperature range: 0 – 400˚C
    • L.C. 0.1˚C and Accuracy of 0.2˚C.
    • Dwell Time: 0.1 to 999.9 seconds.
    • Pressure: 0.05 to 0.7 MPa. Operated by switch OR Footswitch.
    • Seal surface: 150mm x 15mm &300 mm X 15 mm (Straight Line)
    • Air Input: 0.7 MPa
    • Table top Model
    • Power: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
    • Seal Pattern: Straight line
    • Microprocessor based display for accurate test results
    • Highly accurate test results under pneumatic pressure control.
    • Single Pushbutton operation after setting PID temperature and time
    • Strong heating jaws for performing tests
    • Bright LED display for temperature and timer
    • PID temperature controller for highest level of controls and repeatability
    • Digital Preset timer
    • Guide rod mechanism for efficient control of sealing
    • Standards: ASTM F 2029

    How the instrument is used in different industries?

    The instruments is the best way to seal the plastic pouches and packages that are used for packaging of different so that the products could stay safe from external factors such as moisture, and dust.

    How does the Laboratory Heat Sealer Work?

    The instrument is given with two separate jaws are provided with Kanthal heating elements that heat the jaws. The package to be sealed is placed between the jaws and the jaws are pressed with pressure. The heat and pressure seal the package completely.

    Can the temperature is controlled manually?

    Yes. The temperature of the jaws is controlled with the help of a regulator and is monitored through a digital temperature display.

    Are the Jaws in the Laboratory Heat Sealer independent of each other?

    Yes. The temperature of each jaw is controlled through different regulator which makes them independent from each other. Also heating in each of the jaws can be turned of individually.