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The GSM Round Cutter with Weighing Balance is an instrument kit that is in laboratories to measure the GSM of the materials that are being used in different industries for different purposes. The GSM stands for Grams per Sq. Meter. In many industries, the gsm of the materials is of great importance as it depicts the level of quality and strength of the materials and hence can help the manufacturers in deciding a lot of different factors regarding the quality of the materials and hence the end products.






    The instrument comes with three sharp blades that are sued to cut the sample and the weighing balance is used for measuring the weight of the sample cut from the specimen.

    The Pacorr is one of the most efficient GSM Round Cutter with Weighing Balancemanufacturers and suppliers with one of the most extensively used testing instrument kit that is used in industries such as Textile and Paper industries. The GSM of materials for these industries is one of the most important factors that impact the quality of the materials as well as the ended products. For example, in textiles, the GSM of a fabric is very important to determine as it helps in determining the weight of the whole batch of material with the help of a GSM round piece. Along with that, it also depicts the weave, thickness and strength of the fabrics. Also the GSM helps in deciding the most appropriate processing procedure for different treatments of the fabrics such as dying, printing, softening and so forth. Similarly, in paper industry, the GSM of a material is of great importance as it tells about the quality and strength of the paper that will be used for making a lot of different materials where strength of the paper is important such as paper bags, carry bags and so forth.

    The GSM Round Cutter with Weighing Balance manufacturers and suppliers provide the whole kit that is used for cutting a small round sheet from the specimen to be tested. The area of this sheet must be 100 cm2. With the help of the GSM round cutter, the accuracy of the area of the cut sheet is ensured. Once the sheet is cut from the specimen, it is weighed on the GSM weighing scale that comes with the kit. With the help of this weighing scale, it is very easy to find out the GSM of the specimen in very less time and without the need of any calculation.

    The blades that come with the instrument are of stainless steel and are of imported quality and hence are assured to give a long service life without need to replacing the blades. The main body of the GSM round cutter is made with aluminium alloy which makes it robust and sturdy.
    The weighing scale that is provided with the kit is highly accurate and it not only gives the weight of the round sheet but it also gives the accurate measure of the GSM of the sheet without need for any calculation. The kit is very lightweight and hence can be used easily as it is very easy to carry.

    • Area of specimen: 100 sq. cm
    • Cutters: four Stainless Steel Knives
    • Heavy Duty Blades With reversible arrangement.
    • Aluminium casting body for long life and light weight.
    • Round Shape Cutting of specimen.
    • Four German Made Stainless Steel Blades.

    What materials can be cut using this GSM cutter?

    The GSM round cutter offered by Pacorr is a magnificent instrument that can make the calculation of the GSM of any material very easy. The instrument can be used for cutting the GSM sample for a variety of products such as Pape, cardboard, corrugated sheets, plastic sheets and textile fabrics.

    Are the blades of the instrument replaceable?

    The material used for making the blades of the Pacorr’s GSM cutter is made from highly advanced German technology. They hardy need replacement. If you want the blades of your device replaced, you can call our customer support team. They will help you with further process.

    Is the GSM Cutter sold separately without the weighing balance?

    The GSM cutter and the weighing balance are the combo that is required by every industry. Although it is necessary to buy the weighing balance along with the cutter for better accuracy, you can also order the GSM cutter alone.

    What is the area of thesample cut by the GSM Cutter?

    GSM cutter that is offered by Pacorr cuts a circular sample having an area of 100cm2.

    How is this GSM weighing balance different from a normal weighing balance?

    A normal weighing balance only gives the weight of the sample cut by the GSM cutter whereas the GSM weighing balance gives you the accurate measure of the GSM of the sample cut from the cutter without the need for any further calculation.