Product Info

Pacorr is one of the finest Moisture Meter- Delhmorst P-2000 manufacturers and suppliers providing the best accuracy moisture meters to the industries where they are required. Moisture is a great factor that has an extensive impact on the quality and performance of different products and materials.






    Moisture can cause the materials to lose their molecular properties and binding integrity which can prove to be lethal for quality of the products. This is why the manufacturers of different products must ensure that the moisture level of their products is not more than required. The Moisture Meter- Delhmorst P-2000is the best instrument to measure the level of moisture in any material and products.

    The Moisture Meter- Delhmorst P-2000 manufacturers and suppliers make the best accuracy instruments that are capable of providing most accurate level of moisture in a given material. The impact of moisture is very intense on many different materials and products. Materials such as wood, paper, corrugated sheets and many others are greatly impacted by the presence of moisture in them. {Presence of moisture in them beyond certain level can harm the molecular integrity of the products and can bring change to the physical properties hence the manufacturers of these products need to ensure that moisture level in the products is of optimum level so that the physical properties of the products are retained.

    With the measurement of the moisture, it is possible to predict its behaviour in different environments with different moisture levels. Additionally, it is also helpful in determining the shelf life of the materials as well. Mostly in paper and packaging industry, the moisture can cause an extensive damage if the moisture level increasing from a certain point. Measuring and monitoring moisture is one of the biggest challenge for the production and QC teams and hence this instrument can be very helpful for the manufacturers of the products.

    The Moisture Meter- Delhmorst P-2000 offered by Pacorr is one of the most accurate moisture analysers that offers the most accurate test reading and helps the manufacturers in ensuring that the most optimum level of moisture Is maintained in the products. With the help of this instrument, it can be ensured that the quality and safety is not compromised due to the presence of excess of moisture in them. This can help in prevention of rejection of the goods because of wrong measurements and any damage due to moisture.

    The instrument comes with a digital display which makes it easier to read the test reading accurately and do the analysis properly for better quality analysis.

    • Instrument Size – Portable carried in a case
    • Power Supply – 110 / 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • Moisture range:
    • 4.3% to 18% for Paper
    • 8% to 40% baled scrap paper
    • Display – LCD Display
    • Easily Handled and portable device
    • Good repeatability
    • High Test range
    • Digital LCD display or clear test readings.

    What is the usage of Moisture Meter- Delhmorst P-2000 in Industries?

    The moisture content in many materials can be decisive factor for the quality assurance of the final products. Manufacturers of the products need to ensure that the moisture content in the materials they use is under limits and the Moisture Meter- Delhmorst P-2000 helps them in providing the most accurate analysis of the moisture content.

    How does is gives the analysis data?

    The Moisture Meter- Delhmorst P-2000 offered by Pacorr comes with a digital display that allows easy and accurate reading of the testing data from the testing samples.

    Is it complex to set up the instrument?

    The instrument is a compact and portable that comes with a carry case. It is a plug and work model which means that you just have to plug in the power supply and you are good to go.

    Does it run on batteries?

    No. The instrument requires a power supply of 110/220 Volts 50-60Hz AC.

    What is the range of the instruments?

    The Moisture Meter- Delhmorst P-2000 offered by Pacorr is capable of measuring wide range of moisture in different materials ranging from 4.3% to 40%.