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Secure Seal Tester for Bottles manufacturers and suppliers provide one of the most widely testing instruments in the bottle industries. The bottles that are used for packaging of a variety of products such as drinks, industrial liquids, medical products and so forth need to be tested for their safety and security so that they could provide the best quality of products to the customers.






    The manufacturers of the bottle must test their bottles for their integrity and strength so that they could offer the best safety and quality to the products. This demands for the thorough testing of the bottles. The secure seal testing is the testing procedure in which the sealing of the products is tested. IN this test the threading of the caps is tested along with the seal that is applied on the bottle caps for better safety and packaging. If the sealing and threading of the bottles is intact, then it makes it almost impossible for the products to spill out of the bottles.
    The Secure Seal Tester for Bottles is mainly used for testing the bottles that are sued for packaging of aerated drinks and hence the bottles need be strong enough to bear the pressure from the aerated drinks and hence the seal and threading of the caps must be tested for their integrity and intactness.

    Pacorr is a known Secure Seal Tester for Bottles manufacturer and supplier offering an important testing instrument that is widely used in PET and Bottle industries for testing the integrity and intactness of the cap threading and seal of the bottles so that the safety of products that are packaged in them. The aerated drinks that are packaged in the PET bottles exert a lot of pressure on the caps and hence the strength and integrity of the caps is essential to be tested using proper and adequate testing procedures and equipment.

    The Secure Seal Tester for Bottles is an efficient testing instrument that is designed according to the ASTM and ISO standards and is designed to provide accurate testing data for PET bottles. The instrument is equipped with analogue pressure display that helps in easy and accurate reading of testing data. The regulator given with the instrument makes it very easy to regulate the pressure in the instrument. The maximum pressure that can be set up to 12 bars with a resolution of 0.5 bar.

    • Measuring range: 0 to 12.00 bar
    • Resolution: 0.5 bar
    • Input Medium : Carbon Di Oxide / Compressed Air / Nitrogen
    • Test on bottles & cans.
    • Display: Analogue Gauge
    • Units: bar/Psi
    • Setting of the level of pressure (regulator)
    • Setting maximum pressure: 12 bar
    • The instrument is easy to use and gives accurate testing data
    • The setting regulator makes it very easy to set the pressure in the equipment
    • The input medium for the instrument is carbon dioxide, compressed air and nitrogen.
    • The apparatus has a sturdy build which makes its life long and effective.

    For which industries the instrument is suitable?

    The instrument is designed to test the seal integrity of the bottle caps hence can be used in industries that manufacture as well as use the plastic bottles such as pharmaceutical industries, food industries, and so forth.

    What is the Range of the instrument?

    The Secure Seal tester so designed to test a wide range of bottle specimen and hence is provided with a wide range of working pressure that varies from 0 to 12 bar.

    How is the pressure regulated in the Instrument?

    The pressure in the instrument is regulated with an analogue regulator.

    What is the input medium of the Instruments?

    The input medium of the instrument is carbon dioxide, compressed and nitrogen that are used for creating pressure in the instrument for testing procedure.