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Polariscope Strain Viewer manufacturers and suppliers offer a very precise testing instrument that can be used in several industries for the purpose of quality testing of the products. In many industries, the transparency and refraction of light through the materials decide the quality level of such materials. According to the principles of optics, if a ray of light passes through a transparent medium, it ius refracted according to the refractive index of the material.






    This quality of light is used in industries such as gems and stones, PET and preform and plastics to determine the quality of the materials that are used for manufacturing the final products. In Gemology, the polarized light can be used for testing the purity and authenticity of the gems. In PET and preform industries, the polarized light can be used for analysing the quality of the preforms that are used for manufacturing the PET bottles. The Polariscope Strain Viewer is one such instrument that is used in the industries for performing these tests.

    Pacorr is one of the highest recommended manufacturers and suppliers of Polariscope Strain Viewer which is used for testing the quality of the products in different industries. The instrument works on the principles of optics and uses ray of light to inspect any anomalies or defects in the materials. It uses a ray of polarized light which passes through the material being tested and hence detecting any change in the refractive index or the density of the products. According to the principles of the ray optics, when light is passed through a medium, it is refracted at different angles. The angle of refraction is dependent on the thickness of the medium and many other factors.

    Now this difference in thickness of the medium can be a very fatal defect for many products and materials. For example, in the PET and preform industries, the quality of material is very important for the quality of the final products. Hence the manufactures of the products have to keep a keen eye on every aspect of quality of the materials as well as the final products. If the material distribution in the preform is uneven then it can cause the serious quality defects in the final PET bottles delivered to the customers. The manufacturers hence use the Polariscope Strain Viewer to inspect the quality of the preform before commencing the production process so that any defective preform could be discarded right in the beginning which can save a lot of products cost and rejection. The instrument can also be used to view any strain introduced in thepreforms due to any chemical anomaly. Another use of the Polariscope Strain Viewer is on the gem industry. The quality, authenticity and purity of gems can easily be determined with the help of the instrument.

    The Polariscope Strain Viewer uses a highly polarised light that is emitted through a very coherent light source. The specimen is placed on the glass platform given in the equipment. When the light is passed through the specimen, the pattern of the refracted light is observed in reference with the chart given with the instrument and any anomaly is detected for better quality assurance.

    • Model: PCPSV
    • Viewing Area: 250 * 250 mm
    • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
    • Lights: CFL Light, Sodium Light
    • The Polariscope strain viewer-Dlx offers very easy operation.
    • Two light intensity offered: Monochromatic light and Sodium Lamp.
    • Sharper and clearer optical viewing experience.
    • Large Viewing glass area.
    • Polariscope

    What types of materials are tested using the Polraiscope strain viewer?

    The polariscope strain viewer is used for testing the structural anomalies in the refractive index of various materials using polarized light. The instrument can be used for testing glass, PET preforms and Gemstones.

    What light source is used in the instrument?

    The instrument uses a CFL light and sodium light sources as per the requirement of the customers testing procedures and materials being tested.

    What is monochromatic light in Polariscope?

    Unlike white light, the monochromatic light contains only a single color which make it very accurate to test the anomalies in the test sample because with monochromatic light, there are very less chances of interference and diffraction due to scattering of light.

    How are the defects in the tested sample identified?

    The Polariscope offered by Pacorr is provided with a preform defect chart that allows easy identification of defects in the PET preform by comparing them with the help of charts.

    Is there a computerised version of Polriscope available?

    Yes, Pacorr offers a highly advanced and accurate computerised model of Polariscope Strain Viewer that helps the users in easy operation and analysis of the test results obtained from the instruments.