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Carbonation Assembly manufacturers and suppliers provide one of the most important testing instruments that are used in PET and beverage industries for testing the quality of packaging and aerated drinks. In beverage industry, the aerated drinks have a very big chunk of the markets. The manufacturers of aerated beverages need to understand that the quality of the drinks they are offering their customers need to retain consistency of good taste, texture and smell and that is only possible if all the factors that affect the quality and taste of the drinks are monitored and controlled efficiently.






    The temperature and pressure in the drinks can have a great impact on the taste and quality of the drinks and hence the manufacturers need to keep it constant throughout their manufacturing process and across different production batches to ensure the consistency in quality and taste. This ensures that the taste will not change and the customers will always get the same quality of aerated drinks.

    To test the temperature and pressure of the aerated drinks, the carbonation assembly is used. The carbonation assembly measures the temperature and pressure in the drinks and monitor the change in taste with the change in temperature and pressure so that they could keep those factors under control until the drinks are consumed. Additionally, the PET bottles manufacturers also used the carbonation assembly to monitor the impact of the bottle quality on the temperature and pressure of the drinks so that they can also ensure better control of these factors with better quality of bottle used for packaging of the products.

    Pacorr’s carbonation assembly is one of the most accurate testing instruments that are used by both PET bottle manufacturers as well as the aerated drinks manufacturers to monitor the temperature and pressure of the drinks under different conditions. The instrument is crucial in ensuring the best quality control as it gives the exact measure of the temperature and pressure inside the bottle containing an aerated drink which helps them in ensuring the best quality of the drinks through better control of these factors.

    The carbonation assembly manufacturers and suppliers provide the instrument with a steel indenture that is pierced inside a bottle filled with the drink and the temperature and pressure in the bottle is measure through the pressure gauge and temperature gauge given with the instrument. With the accurate reading of the temperature, the manufacturers are able to control these factors by making changes in their packaging materials and storage conditions and hence ensure a consistency in quality of the products until they are consumed by the user. This also helps the manufacturers of PET bottles in ensuring best quality and strength of the PET bottles that can be helpful in controlling the pressure and temperature of the drinks in the bottles.

    The instrument comes with a pressure range of 60 psi or 4.2 kg/ sq. meter. The temperature range given with the instrument is 00 C to 3000 C. The instrument is a must have in beverage industries as well as PET bottle manufacturing industries to ensure that the customers get a consistency in quality, taste and texture of the drinks.

    • Model: PCCA-1
    • Scale : 0 TO 60 Psi (0 to 4.2 kg/sq. cm)
    • Digital Thermometer Range : Upto 300°C
    • Pressure Gauge : Analogue
    • The main body is coated with high-quality corrosion resistant plating.
    • The machine is a strong structure offering a lightweight portability.
    • Accurate Dial gauges are equipped for recording the pressure
    • Digitalized Thermometer inserted using a piercing needle for accurate temperature analysis.
    • Rapid guiding mechanism with strong locking clips
    • Single handed operation with Spherical Indenter for hassle-free operation.
    • Highly accurate test results under advanced controls.
    • Simple and sturdy design
    • Easy operation and test procedure
    • Very low maintenance

    What materials can be tested with this instrument?

    The carbonation assembly is used in the drinks industries where aerated drinks are processes. This instrument is used for testing the change in temperature and pressure when the aerated drinks are subjected different high pressure.

    What range of temperature can be tested with the instrument?

    The instrument is provided with a digital thermometer that is designed to measure the temperature of drinks up to 3000C.

    How the pressure in the bottle is measured?

    The carbonation assembly offered by Pacorr comes with an analogue dial that is capable of measuring pressure in the bottle ranging from 0 to 60 PSI.

    What are the power requirements of carbonation assembly?

    Pacorr’s carbonation assembly does not require any electrical power to run. It can be operated manually without the need for any electrical power.

    Does it need any calibration?

    The instrument has a digital thermometer and an analogue pressure gauge that may need calibration occasionally. For that you can contact our technical support team.