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Impact Resistance Tester for Paints is the testing instrument that I used in the paint industries to test the quality and strength of the paints. The paints are used in almost every industry for increasing the aesthetic appeal of the products as well as protect them from the outer factors such as corrosion and moisture. These surfaces on which the paints are applied have to suffer a lot of impacts during their usage and hence can damage the paint coating applied on it.






    The manufacturers need to ensure that the paint they are producing is good enough to take up those continuous impact without getting damaged and keep providing the protection they are intended to provide.

    In order to ensure that, the manufacturers of paint products need proper instruments that could provide the accurate testing data about the resistance offered by the paint products against the impacts they have to face during usage and Pacorr is one of the most premium Impact Resistance Tester for Paints manufacturers and suppliers and provides such highly precise equipment that is used for testing the efficiency of the paint coating.

    Impact Resistance Tester by Pacorr is an instrument that is used in the paints industry to test the quality and efficiency of the paint coatings that are used for protection of a variety of surfaces. Paints are used in different industries to protect products and surfaces from factors such as rust, moisture and so forth. Paints are also used for increasing the aesthetics of the products and hence it is essential that the paint coatings are of best quality. The surfaces that are coated with the paint are subjected to very high amount of impacts which can cause the paints to lose their adhesive strength and cause it to deteriorate which can not only ruin the aesthetic look of the surface but will also make it prone to threats like rust and corrosion.

    Due to this reason, the manufacturers of the paint coating must test the efficiency of the paint products for best results. The Impact resistance Tester for Paints manufacturers and suppliers give the instrument that can give the most accurate testing data about the effects of impacts on the paints when they are applied on a surface. The instrument is given with an indentation probe that has a hemispherical head which is made to fall freely on the test specimen. The test specimen is placed right below the probe. Once the indentation is made, the depth of the indentation is measured along with checking for any cracks, adhesion and elasticity of the paint coating. The impact force can be changed by changing the height of the fall or by adding more weight to the probe. This instrument gives very accurate data about the efficiency of the paints and how they will act when they are subjected to such impacts. The instrument is made according to the quality standards ASTM D 2794, ISO 6272. With the help of this instrument the manufacturers can rest assured that only the best quality of paints is delivered to the clients to ensure the safety of their products.

    • Weight used: 2 Lbs (900 grams),
    • Nose diameter: 1.27 CM.
    • Guide tube : 40.6 CM.
    • Diameter of Die : 1.43 CM.
    • For added safety, the equipment has a unique locking arrangement,
    • The machine has chrome plating duly powder coated for an elegant look.
    • The instrument can be used for testing different materials using different combinations of falling weights.

    Why is Impact Resistance Tester for Paints is required in industries?

    When the paints are used on any surface, they are meant to provide protection to the surface. When there is any impact on the paints coating, it may chip or crack compromising the quality of the product surface. This is why, the impact resistance for paints is required in the industries to test the efficiency and strength of the paint coating that are used on the surfaces.

    What industries can use the instrument for quality testing?

    The instrument is widely used for quality testing of a product in a wide range of industries such as automobile industries, paint industries, plastic coating industries and so forth.

    How much weight is used for conducting the test procedure?

    The instrument uses a test weight of 2 lbs or 900 grams to conduct the testing procedure on the paints coating.

    How much height is available to conduct the test on specimen?

    The height available for testing is provided by the guide tube of 40.6 cm.

    What safety measures are given with the instrument?

    The safety measures that are provided with the instrument include a safety locking system that ensures the safety of the users during testing.