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Carbon Black Content Apparatus manufacturers and suppliers provide a very high intensity testing instrument for the plastic industries to test the quality and composition of the plastic products so that their best quality and strength could be ensured. In the plastic industries, different types of products are produced using different kinds of materials and compounds.






    It is essential for the manufacturers to keep a strict check on the composition of the materials and products so that their best quality and physical properties could be ensured according to the requirements. The manufacturers have to keep in mind that the quality and strength of the products is greatly dependent on the chemical composition of the materials and hence any deviation in the composition can have a drastic change in the quality and strength of the final products. One main component in any polymeric or plastic material is the carbon content. The carbon content needs to be assessed for the quality testing of the polymeric materials used in the plastic industries and that can easily be done with the help of the Carbon Black Content Apparatus offered by Pacorr.

    Pacorr has been one of the finest Carbon Black Content Apparatus manufacturers and suppliers offering the most accurate and precise testing instruments that are being used in the plastic industries for the purpose of quality control. The plastic products are mainly developed from petrochemical substances and have polymeric properties. Most of the polymeric materials come under the classification of hydrocarbons; this means that they have hydrogen and carbon atoms linked together with covalent bonds and an occasional presence of a functional group. This suggests that the presence of carbon atoms has very deep impact on the quality and properties of the polymers that are used in the plastic industries. The manufacturers of the products need to test the quality of carbon content present in the materials they are using for the manufacturing of their products.

    The composition of the polymeric materials can have a great impact on the quality of the products such as physical strength and chemical behaviour. This is why, it is very important for the manufacturers of the plastics to measure the carbon content before commencing the production process. The Carbon Black Content Apparatus offered by Pacorr is one of the most important and efficient instrument that can be used for the assessment of the carbon composition of the products.

    The instrument converts the test specimen in to complete ash with only the carbon content left. The instrument has a tubular furnace where the combustion boat is placed. The specimen is placed in the combustion boat and the temperature is increased. The instrument can work up to 800 degree Celsius of temperature. The mass of the specimen is recorded before and after combustion and the difference between the masses gives the value of carbon content present in the specimen. The instrument comes with a highly precise PID controller to control the temperature along with a complete set of glassware and trial chemicals that are required for accurate conducting of the procedure. With this instrument it becomes easy for the manufacturers of different polymeric products to ensure best quality of their products.

    • PID based Programmable Digital Temperature Controller:
    • Make: Toho/Omron/PPI- Zenex PID – 48×48.
    • Auto tune facility.
    • Digital Dual Display – range: Upto 999.9 deg.C.
    • Working range: Upto800 Deg. C.
    • Least count: 0.1 Deg. C.
    • Working accuracy: +/- 3 Deg. C.
    • With completesetof Glasswares & trial chemicals:
    • Pyrogellol – 500ml
    • Cacl2 – 500 gm.
    • Tri-Chloro-Ethylene – 500 ml
    • Acrylic stands for Glasswares: 1 set
    • Set of Glassware accessories:
    • Wash bottle with trap unit – 03 set.
    • “U” tube – 01 set
    • Soft rubber tubing – 05 Mtrs.
    • Silicon rubber corks with glass inserted tubes – 02 nos.
    • Quartz boat – 01 nos.
    • Ceramic boat – 10 nos.
    • Desiccator -6” – 1 inch
    • Power requirement: 220/230 v ac–50 Hz single phase–15 amp.–01 point

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