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Melt Mass Flow Ratio (MFR) & Melt Volume Flow Rate (MVR) Tester-Computerized manufacturers and suppliers ensure that the plastic and polymer industries get the best testing instrument that can be helpful for quality testing of different products and materials. There is a very important role of the quality of the raw materials that is used for manufacturing of final plastic products in the plastic industries. If the quality of the raw materials used in the industry is of best level then manufacturers in the industry can rest assured that the quality of the end products will also be terrific.






    Different aspects of quality need to be assessed to ensure that the best quality raw materials are being used for manufacturing. One such aspect so the melt flow index of the materials. The melt flow index of the plastic resin can be a great indicator of many other properties of the material such as molecular integrity, chemical composition, physical strength and so forth. Due to this reason, it is very important to determine the melt flow index of any plastic resin. Melt Mass Flow Ratio (MFR) & Melt Volume Flow Rate (MVR) Tester-Computerized offered by Pacorr is one of the best testing instruments that can be used for ensuring the best analysis of MFR with accurate and precise testing.

    Pacorr can be considered one of the best Melt Mass Flow Ratio (MFR) & Melt Volume Flow Rate (MVR) Tester-Computerized manufacturers and suppliers that have been providing the best quality testing instruments for the plastic industries for the purpose of quality testing. IN the plastic industries, there are many variables that must be controlled and monitored during the manufacturing process so that there could be a production of best quality end products. There are factors such as raw materials used, manufacturing process followed and the methods of quality testing that can impact the quality of the plastic products. When it comes to the quality of the raw materials, it must be tested for its Melt mass flow ration or MFR. The MFR is the rate of flow of the plastic resin in its molten state when it is subjected to a specific shearing force under the effect of a determined load. To determine the MFR of a given resin, the Melt Mass Flow Ratio (MFR) & Melt Volume Flow Rate (MVR) Tester-Computerized can be used for greater accuracy.

    To commence the test, the thermoplastic sample which can be in the form of powder, granules and flakes is placed in the cavity and the tester is turned on. As soon as the sample melts, the piston applies a force on the sample and forces it to pass through the orifice that has a specific diameter. The extrusion piston is also provided with dead weights to increase the load if needed. The molten sample is passed though the orifice for 10 minutes and the sample is cut and weighed. This gives the MFR of the sample. The instrument comes with a computer connectivity along with software which allows it to download the data to the computer for a deeper analysis.

    • Model: PCMVR
    • AutomaticCutting.
    • AutomaticWeighing.
    • Auto loading of weights from 2.16 to 21.6Kgs.
    • Auto MFR & MVRCalculation.
    • Direct print of report on thermal printer OR RS 232 port toInterface withComputer.
    • Temp Controller: Microcontroller based PID temperature Controller.
    • Temperature Range: Upto 400ºC
    • Resolution: 0.1 degree C
    • Accuracy: +/-0.1 degree C.
    • Timer: Upto 999.9Seconds
    • MicrocontrollerforMFItestwithprogrammingparameterslike,Productspecification,Densityofproduct, Operator details, Date & time of test etc.
    • Weights: 2.16 Kg & 5 Kg hard chrome plated weights. (Other weights with extracost)
    • Accessories: Orifice, Piston, Linear, Material charger, Barrel cleaner, Orifice cleaner, Sample Cutter, Mirror, Tweezers.
    • As per method B, Piston travel length measuring by LVDT sensor with range up to 110.0 mm and accuracy of 0.01mm
    • Paint: PowderCoated.
    • Power: 220V AC / 50 Hz, Single Phase.
    • Amperes: 4 Amps.
    • Table TopModel.

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