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Notch Cutter-Manual manufacturers and suppliers offer a very special instrument that is mainly used in industrial labs to test the quality of the products with accuracy and precision. In the plastic industries, there are many different concerns related to quality of the products produced that need to be tested thoroughly. The plastic products are used for many different tasks in the industries as well as in the domestic realm. There are various types of stresses, and forces acting upon the products which can have a great impact on their strength and service life.






    The manufacturers of such products need to ensure that the plastic products manufactured by them are of such quality that they are able to bear the impact exerted upon them and do not fail or break during usage. In order to test that, there is a test conducted called IZOD impact test which measures the resistance of the plastics against the impacts that is exerted on them and causes breaking or fracture. For conducting this test, it is important that the specimen prepared for the testing procedure is according to the prescribed standard otherwise it can compromise the accuracy of data. THE notch cutter-manual offered by Pacorr can be a very precise instrument that is used for preparing of specimen for the testing procedures in the packaging industries.

    Pacorr is one of the best Notch Cutter-Manual manufacturers and suppliers that offer the most precise testing instrument for industries such as plastic industries. In the plastics industries, the quality of products is of great importance as the products are used for different purposes in the industries and also in the domestic areas. The manufacturers of these products must ensure that the products are thoroughly tested for their quality and their ability to survive harsh working environment where they are subjected to high amplitudes of stress, and impact forces that can cause fracture or breakage of the products eventually leading to their failures. To ensure best level of safety, a testing procedure called Izod impact test is conducted on the plastic products and materials in the industries to determine their ability to resist the fracture or breakage when there is a highly extreme impact force is acting upon them. The testing procedure helps in ensuring the best strength of the plastics and hence enhances the quality of the products. In order to ensure the best accuracy of the testing data, it is essential that the specimen for the testing procedure is prepared with best accuracy and according to the quality standards.

    The Notch Cutter-Manual is a very efficient testing instrument that can be used for preparation of the test specimen for the IZOD impact test and ensure accuracy of the testing results. The instrument is very easy to operate and is manually operated. The instrument comes with a range of 0 to 25 mm with a least count of 0.01mm. the cutting angle of the specimen is degrees. With the help of this instrument, the specimen can be prepared with most accurate dimensions and hence help in easily performing the IZOD impact test with great accuracy.

    • ManualOperated
    • Depth Micrometer by wheel and resolution of 0.01mm.
    • Range: 0-25mm
    • L.C.: 0.01mm
    • Cutting Angle: 45deg.
    • Paint: PowderCoating

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