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Top load tester digital manufacturers and suppliers have been supplying the best accuracy testing machine for the industries in different verticals for better quality assurance of the products. In the PET and plastic industries, there are different types of bottles and containers manufactured that are further used for packaging of a variety of products such as food products, drinks, industrial chemicals and so forth. As the products packaged in the bottles are very critical and need the best level of safety during different stages of handling, the bottles that are used for packaging them are also of great importance.






    The manufacturers of these bottles need to understand that they have to provide only the best quality of the bottles to their customers so that the bottles are capable of bearing the forces exerted on them. There is a variety of forces that are exerted on the bottles when they are being stored or transported. One such force is the buckling forces, which can easily deform or bend the bottles if they are not strong enough. The top load testing needs to be performed on the bottles to ensure that the bottles can easily bear the forces that are exerted on them during different stages.

    Pacorr is one of the most renowned names when it comes to Top Load Tester Manufacturers and suppliers that are dedicated to provide the most precise testing devices to the PET and plastic industries so that they could provide the best quality of products to the customer that is capable of serving the purpose efficiently. In the PET and plastic industries, the bottles that are manufactured for the purpose of packaging of different products such as pharmaceutical products, chemicals, industrial compounds, drink and so forth. These products are very vulnerable and can be easily contaminated. For this purposes, the manufacturers of PET bottles need to ensure that there are no chances that the quality of the bottles is compromised and can harm the quality of the products inside. When these bottles are stored or transported, they are stacked on one another. This exerts a very high amount of forces in the bottom layer of stack, with such high impactful forces the bottles can easily buckle and deform causing a severe damage to the bottles. This damage to the bottles can be very harmful for the safety of the products. The manufacturers of the bottle must test the ability of the bottles to bear such loads when the bottles are stacked. For this Top Load tester is the best instrument.

    The top load tester digital is a testing instrument offered by Pacorr that allows the manufacturers of the PET bottles to test the ability to bear the buckling load of the bottles during storage. The instrument is given with a very sensitive and precise load cell that records accurate testing data. The digital display given with the instrument is ideal for accurate and clear test reading. The manufacturers can easily ensure that the quality of the PET and Plastic Bottle with great accuracy and precision with this testing device.

    • Model: PCTLSC-1
    • Load Capacity: 0- 100 Kgf.
    • Used to measure buckling strength.
    • Compression Plates size: 140mm x 120mm
    • Speed: Variable (20mm/min to 200 mm /min or as per required)
    • Speed variation through Frequency drive make.
    • Microprocessor based LCD load indicator: Accuracy of ± 0.05% of load indicated & Resolution of 0.1 kg.
    • Peak load hold Indication.
    • Limit switches for protection of cross head travel
    • Operation for test from Machine with For, Rev and Stop switch on machine.
    • Microprocessor based load indicator: Accuracy Of +/- 0.05% of load indicated.
    • Results can be evaluated in Kgf.
    • Over load excess compression protection provided.
    • Over Voltage protection.
    • Heavy duty frame structure
    • Compression display: Least count of 0.1 mm.
    • Table top Model.
    • Paint: Powder Coating.
    • Power: 220V AC, 50Hz.

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