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Carton Compression Tester is useful and precise machine that is widely utilized in the industries for ensuring the best quality of the packaging cartons that are used for packaging of different delicate products. When a product is manufactured, every step is taken to maintain the best level of its quality until it is delivered to the client. The manufacturers also need to ensure that the packaging boxes they are choosing for their products is of best quality and is capable of providing best protection to their products. The packaging must be tested through Carton Compression Tester.






    Pacorr offers one of the best Carton Compression Tester that is used in the packaging industries for ensuring the best quality of packaging cartons that are used for packaging of different products in industries. When the packages are delivered to the clients, they have to bear a lot of forces during transit. The manufacturers of the products need to ensure that they choose a packaging carton that is capable for bearing all those forces that are exerted on it during transit. Especially the compressive force is the most devastating for the cartons. The manufacturers need to test the packaging cartons for their quality and strength to ensure that their products are safe until they are delivered to the clients.

    The Carton Compression Tester is a precision device that is used for determining the compression strength of packaging boxes and cartons. The instrument comes with a digital display for easy and precise reading of the products. The instrument comes with a peak hold facility that allows storing of the maximum amount of force applied on the specimen during test procure. The instruments is very much useful for the manufacturers of packaging cartons to ensure that the quality of the packaging boxes and cartons they are providing to the clients are of best quality and have enough strength. To know more, please contact us.

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    What types of packaging containers can be tested using Box Compression Tester?

    We offer a very comprehensive testing instrument that can be used for testing the strength of the packaging containers. The containers that can be tested Box Compression Tester including cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes and containers.

    My testing device does not reset when I restart the test. What should I do?

    You can try pressing the TARE button given on the digital display. This will reset the display and you can restart the test. If that does not solve the problem, you can contact our customer support team.

    What should I do for maintenance of the machine?

    The machines that are manufactured by Pacorr are basically fabricated using the best grade materials and hence require minimal maintenance. For instance, greasing the lead screw, keeping the machine dust free and away from moisture are some of the things that you should do regularly for longer life of the machine.

    My machine is giving incorrect testing results when I compare to the other testing machines. What should I do?

    If your machine is not showing correct results, there is a possibility that your machine needs to be recalibrated. In that case, you can contact our customer support so that they could guide about the recalibration of the machine.

    Is this machine is available in customized sizes and capacities?

    We offers Box Compression Machines in different capacities and sizes according to the customer requirements. Customization of the machine is also available on request of the customers.