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Vacuum Leak Tester for Big Pouches – HMI is a widely used testing instrument in the packaging industries to test the quality and seal integrity of the big packaging pouches. The plastic pouches are used for packaging of a variety of different products such as pharmaceutical products, medicines, food products and so forth. To ensure the best quality of such products, the packaging pouches used for them should be intact and of best quality. The Vacuum Leak Tester for Big Pouches – HMI is the best testing instrument to test the integrity and intactness of the products packaging pouches.






    Vacuum Leak Tester for Big Pouches – HMI is one the commonly and extensively used testing instruments that are used for ensuring the intactness of the packaging pouches that are used for packaging of products. In industries such as food industries and pharmaceutical industries, the plastic pouches are commonly used for packaging of products such as drinks, medicines and so forth. These pouches need to be perfectly intact so that the products do not leak or get affected by the external factors. This can only be ensured if the pouches are tested thoroughly before they are used for packaging of products. The manufacturers of these pouches need to test the quality as well as intactness of the pouches with appropriate instruments such as Vacuum Leak Tester for Big Pouches – HMI.

    The Vacuum Leak Tester for Big Pouches – HMI offered by Pacorr comes with a human machine interface (HMI) touch screen that makes it very easy and simple to operate. The desiccator is big enough to even accommodate the bigger pouches that are used in the industries. The instrument is manufactured and fabricated with high quality materials so that it could operate in the extreme working conditions of industries without compromising the operational functionality of the device. To know more about Vacuum Leak Tester for Big Pouches – HMI, please contact us.

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    What is the working principal of Vacuum leak tester?

    The Vacuum leak tester works on the principle that when the air pressure in a closed area is decreased the outer pressure causes the body to deform or shrink. This is how packaging pouches are tested using Vacuum Leak Tester. If the pouch has any leakage then it shrinks when the vacuum is created in the chamber and if the pouch is intact then there is no shrinkage of the pouch.

    Can we use vacuum leak tester to test glass bottles.

    Vacuum leak tester is designed to test the intactness of the plastic pouched and packaging bags. Due to its flexibility, the packaging pouch shrinks on creation of vacuum in the testing chamber. This is not the case with glass as they glass can resist the shrinking when vacuum is introduced to the chamber. So no, Glass bottles cannot be tested using vacuum leak tester.

    What is size range of testing sample that can be tested on the device?

    The vacuum leak tester is designed for testing a varying range of sizes of packaging pouches such ranging from 150 mm to 300 mm. The pressure range is from 150 mm of hg to 60 mm of hg. Instrument for testing bigger size of pouches can also be available on demand.

    Is there a computerized model of the instrument available?

    Yes, We offers a computerized model of the vacuum leak tester that comes with a USB port that helps in connecting the device with a computer and download the test data for better analysis of the testing procedure.

    What if I broke the Desiccator of the instrument?

    We make sure that they use only high grade material for manufacturing of their products. The desiccator that is provided with the Vacuum leak tester is made from high strength polycarbonate material that is designed to offer a long with service life. But if the desiccator is broken, it can be replaced with a new one. You just have to contact our support team.