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In the industries, nowadays, one of the biggest concerns is the quality assurance of the products. The customers demand only for the best quality and they are ready to pay anything for that. The manufacturers also need to understand that the quality of the products is the only thing that can help them outrun the competition in the market. To attain the highest levels of quality control of the products, the manufacturers need to ensure that they are keeping a keen check on every step of manufacturing. The packaging of the products is a major factor that contributes to the quality assurance of the products. It is the role of the packaging used for a product to provide the best level of safety and protection to the products. The manufacturers need to choose the best quality of packaging for their products that have enough strength and integrity that it could keep the products unaffected from the external factors such as moisture, drops, impacts and so forth.

It is also important for the manufacturers of the packaging materials (PET Bottles Testing Instruments)that they provide the best strength products to the clients for their products. It is essential that the materials are tested for their strength and quality and it could be ensured that the packaging is going to survive the rough conditions faced during transit and storage.

Customers in the food and beverage industry are facing several challenges on a variety of factors from food safety and durability to ease of use and dissemination costs when making packaging decisions. To privilege the food and beverage customers meet the delivery timelines and capture the competitive market, a variety of stock packaging solutions are using bottle packaging preforms that speed up the production process by keeping control over the costs.

Industries which deal with packaging and transporting of goods must find a solution to transit damages that occurs and must be able to predict the same. The packages at the time of transit can face falls or impacts instead of brilliant packaging and safety methods. It is difficult to assess the consequences when the goods are transported from one place to another.The three modes of transportation are road, air and water. It can face various situations like it might tumble down over each other or fall off on the road. There can be a situation where the packages can get pierced.To secure the packages well, prediction of such damages must be done in advance. For this, you need a standard instrument that can accurately simulate the actual situation of falls and drops from certain angles. So the user can estimate the damage and can plan accordingly.

Drop Testing Equipment is an instrument to test the impact of falling of packages from a certain height. With the help of the drop tester, it is possible to replicate the condition where the package is dropped from a certain specified height and the damage done to the package is evaluated. The instrument is very helpful in assessment of the ability of the packages to withstand the forces that may act upon them during transportation.

Drop Tester

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Drop Tester offered by Pacorr is a renowned name in the area of packaging testing. It is designed in such a way that it satisfies the need for quality checks for bottles and packages. The Drop Testing Machine is built from high grade mild steel material that is powder coated with Havel Grey and Blue color combination for a decent and standard appearance. It has a bright chrome and zinc plating for corrosion resistant finish for long period performance of the material. It has a single column travelling length with a strong base to grip the heavy sample. It has a customised size and is designed as per standard. The instrument offers the facility to commence the test at different height according to the requirements.

Drop Testing Equipment adheres to international test standard like IS: 7028 Pt IV. It has twin flaps that open on instruction and starts the fall. The height is adjustable by smooth functioning of manual lever. The drop height can be adjusted from a minimum 750 mm to maximum 1800 mm. This is an ideal range of drop test method. It can take up to 50 kg of weight of the test sample.