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When we are talking about the quality of any product, the packaging of that products is a major factor that contributes to its high quality. Numerous materials are used for packaging in industries. The choice of packaging depends on the type of products that needs the packaging. For plastic products, there is polystyrene and corrugated box packaging used. Similarly, for food packaging, the aluminum packaging is used. The aluminum foil packaging is a very versatile and efficient packaging material that can be used for packaging of a variety of items and products in the industries. The manufacturers of different food products and FMCG products prefer the aluminum foil packaging for better safety of their products. (PET/ Preform Testing Instruments)

Aluminum foil is used to do so many wonderful things. It can be used to seal plastic bags, convert batteries, iron clothing faster etc. One of the best ways to keep food safe from getting spoilt is to seal it in an airtight bag. A vacuum sealer works great to keep food last longer. Most packaging method uses foil as a shield to dampness, light and oxygen. There is one problem with the aluminum foil packaging that this kind of packaging is very fragile and can be damaged easily from the external forces. If there is a damage to the integrity of the foild packaging then it cannot provide the efficient protection to the products and the product quality can decline very fast. The manufacturers of products that choose this foil packaging for their products need to think about the punctures that can make their place in the foil. The punctures can be made as the foils come in delicate sheets when particles are folded into the foil. These are known as miniaturized scale voids.

Before using any aluminum foil packaging, the manufacturers need to ensure that the packaging they are going to use has not leakage or punctures and the integrity of the packaging is not compromised at any cost. For this, there are numerous testing methods that can be run on the packaging with the help of precise testing instruments. There are various methods to check the punctures in foil pockets. The most effective method used in the industries is vacuum rot. Here, the pocket is set into a fixed chamber and is connected with a vacuum. This vacuum makes the weight differential from inside to the outside of the pockets. The turning off the level of the vacuum is checked and the difference is noted.

A Vacuum Leak Tester is an ideal testing instrument that can be used to accurately determine the smallest defective opening in the pressing. It used vacuum to detect any kind of leakage in the packaging. The sample is placed in the instrument and vacuum is created. If the sample is intact and does not have any vacuum then it shrinks and its shape is deformed but if there is any leakage in the packaging then there is no change in the shape and form of the sample. To assure the best result, it is important to perform the test on a perfect testing instrument. It is a packaging test instrument which is fabricated under various Test standards such as ASTM F 2338 -09(2013), ASTM D 4991-07(2015).

Vacuum Leak Tester

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Vacuum Leak Detectors are chip based presentation for measure accuracy and repeatability in test outcomes. Meets USP 28 Packaging Practice detail for its execution. It has programmed testing using a simple vacuum instrument which reduces the human interference. Inlet Vacuum pressure, Weight and preset timer capacities are combined for the instigated dimension of testing background. Variable timer units in Hrs:Min:Sec for setting required time parameter. Calibration is provided to assure exactness with respect to industry and item.

Vacuum Leak Tester offered by Pacorr have an adjustable vacuum which can range up to 900 mb (600 mm-Hg). The box is constructed with polished transparent PMMA. The test instrument is equipped with 2 stage vacuum and holding time setting. It is delivered with a vacuum generator and customized box with dimensions are given on request. Stainless steel and powder coated body for resist corrosion.

The test is conducted to assure seals are not damaged. This procedure is performed prior to storage and warehousing. A set vacuum is created in the chamber to test the reliability for the strength of leak-proof resistance of foil packaging.