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Corrosion is one of the major problems that are faced by metal products and components in different industries. Corrosion is the process of oxidation of the surface of a metal when it comes in contact with any corrosive elements such as moisture, saline or acids. Now this oxidation reduces the amount of metal present in the components and turns it into rust or oxide. This lowers the strength of the component and hence it can easily face failure and have a reduced longevity which is a big concern for the industries as it can be a great cause of accidents and big threat to the safety.

Industry Concern

In industries, the ambience contains so much of fumes and chemical vapours that make the environment inside the industries highly corrosive and toxic. This can easily cause the metals to oxidise in a very little time and cause them to fail earlier than expected. This is why, they need to apply coating materials on the metal components so that they can ensure that the metal will be able to resist corrosion for a longer time. Now, the manufacturers of coating materials need to ensure that the coating will be able to serve its purpose efficiently hence they need to test the quality of the coating and it efficiency through proper testing instruments and procedures so that it does not fail during its actual usage. In addition to that, the metals also need to be tested to test their rate of carrions to estimate their behaviour also in a corrosive environment. This required highly sophisticated mechanism that can help in accurate analysis of the corrosion behaviour of the metals as well as the coatings that are applied on metals for resistance of corrosion.

Salt Spray Tester

Salt Spray Tester is a highly sophisticated testing instrument that is widely used for testing of metals and protective coating to analyse their efficiency in a corrosive environment. The instrument uses a saline solution that creates a salt-laden fog which is used for conducting a highly accelerated corrosive reaction. The specimen is placed in the salt-laden fog for a certain time and then taken out for its analysis. The saline solution is turned into fog through compressed air and nozzles. The instrument is given with a temperature controlling mechanism to set the temperature according to the test procedure. There are many variation of the slat spray test that include acid-saline test, marine condition test and so forth.

Salt Spray Tester/ Corrosion Test Chamber

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Pacorr’s Salt Spray Tester

Pacorr is a well know manufacturer and supplier of highly advanced salt spray tester that are designed according to international standards such as ASTM B 117 and hence offers the highest level of accuracy of the test results. The instrument is equipped with a PID temperature controller and is fabricated with high grade materials that offer longer service life.

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