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Corrugated sheets are packaging material which has many properties to assess the standard of a specific product. Some of the properties to measure the quality are edge crush test value or ECT value, compression strength, bursting strength etc. Edge crush tester is used to conduct a quality analysis of corrugated sheets and carton paper.

Edge crush test is a test method used to evaluate the cross-direction crushing of a sample of corrugated board. The machine calculates the crush resistance of a specific sheet material. It relates to the peak to bottom compression strength of empty single wall regular slotted containers in laboratory conditions. Edge Crush Tester is a highly accurate testing tool to conduct the test. It is designed as per testing standards. A sample preparation is important for accurate test results. The edges of the corrugated sheets are cut parallel and sharp so that it can be matched with the fixtures at a perpendicular angle.

Edge Crush Tester / RCT / ECT / FCT Digital

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Benefit of using the tool is first of all in case of the box consist of corrugated sheets is manufactured according to particular standard. ECT test is detailed specification according to which the manufacturer performs the ECT to conclude its compliance with rules and regulation as per standard. Secondly, to measure the properties of corrugated boxes, the testing method is the best to determine the property of corrugated boxes i.e. box compression strength of a cardboard. Thirdly, it is used to perform test to do material testing. It is conducted to gauge the quality of raw material that includes the corrugating medium and a linear board. The edge crush value is measured to analyse the liner stiffness a medium.

Pacorr’s Edge Crush Tester is a consistent tool utilised to measure the crush strength of cardboard boxes and packaging containers. It is used under Testing Standard of IS 7063. The most popular machine for the test is Edge Crush tester. It conducts three types of test procedure to perform – Ring Crush Test, Edge Crush Test and Flat Crush Test. The model is a digital version based upon chip based program. There are various types of fixtures available for distinct test. They are rigid to provide tight hold for sample and ensure that no slippage happens. NABL certified load cell is equipped to assure the flow of constant compression force. Safety Limit switches are given for restricted travel length.

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