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Plastics and polymers are one of the most extensively used materials in the world in the present times. The easy availability, exceptional chemical and physical properties along with low cost make them ideal materials for manufacturing a variety of parts, products and components that are used widely in industries as well as for domestic applications. Due to huge demand and competition, the manufacturers are also inventing newer ways to enhance the properties of the plastic materials so that the span of their usage could be expanded. The customers today are also very quality conscious and want only the best quality of products hence the manufacturers are also forced to keep a strict focus on the quality of the products they manufacture and deliver to the clients.

Industry Concern
When it comes to the quality of the plastics and polymers, it is essential that the manufacturers keep a close eye on every step of manufacturing of plastic products. Right from the procurement and QC of raw materials to manufacturing and then QA testing of the plastic products, there is a requirement of an effective system that could ensure better quality of the products. Melt Flow Index is a major factor that determines the quality as well as the performance of any plastic material. This is why the manufacturers of the plastic products need to ensure the accurate measurement of the melt flow rate of the raw material that is used for manufacturing of the plastic products. The manufacturers can determine the chemical as well as the physical attributes of the plastic products with the help of the melt flow rate of the material. The melt flow rate of any plastic resin is given as the amount of melted plastic that could flow through a orifice under a shear force in 10 minutes.

Melt Flow Index Tester
Melt flow index tester is the instrument that is widely used in the plastic industries to determine the MFI of the plastic granules and resins that are used in the manufacturing of different plastic products. The instrument is given with a heating mechanism that is controlled with a PID temperature controller and is used for melting the test specimen during the testing procedures. The resin is put in the funnel where the heating of the resin is performed. Melted resin is subjected to a shear force with the help of additional weights that are given with the device. The Shear force causes the melted material to flow through an orifice for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the material that has passed through the orifice is weighed. This gives the melt flow index of the materials.

Melt Flow Index Tester

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Pacorr’s Melt Flow Index Tester
Pacorr is one of the renowned manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of high quality melt flow index tested that are ideal for use in plastic industries to test the melt flow index of the plastic granules and resins with great accuracy. The instrument comes with an inbuilt heater and temperature controller for accurate setting of temperature during the testing procedure.

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