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Rubber is one of the most profoundly used materials in the industries for manufacturing different products such as tires, seals, gaskets. Rubber is found naturally but can be given different levels of hardness and other properties with the help of processes such as vulcanization and others. There are different factors that affect the quality of the rubber materials and hence the properties and performance as well. One such factor is the presence of ash contents it. By studying the ash content in the rubber, one can determine the amount of carbon and other elements that are there and contribute to the properties of rubber. To determine the ash content, the specimen of rubber is placed in a closed chamber and an anaerobic combustion is performed which converts the whole specimen into ash.

The ash determination test is performed on the material to determine the actual percentage of the filler content in the rubber. It is not possible to determine the percentage in the filled materials without performing any other type of testing. The ash content is used to measure the carbon fiber or black carbon content in the material after burning the material at very high temperatures. This ash content determination process can be carried out using a high-quality muffle furnace.

How to Perform the Ash Content Testing?
Ash testing can be done by following a test protocol. This test involves a sample of known weight placed in a dry, pre-weighed crucible that burns the sample in an air atmosphere at temperatures above 500 degrees. After testing, the sample is cooled and the ash content is weighed along with the crucible to determine the percentage of ash residue that takes into account the amount of filler in the sample. Residues below 1% result from the additive that does not burn even at high temperatures.

Muffle Furnace

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Output Calculation After Testing
After starting the ash test, the output test result is displayed as% ash. After% ash, it is checked with a magnifying optical system that describes whether the residue is glass, mineral or a combination of the two. The ash content percentage is therefore calculated as the weight of the ash divided by the weight of the original sample multiplied by 100%. As one of the renowned manufacturers of test equipment, Pacorr offers quality muffle furnaces. The test instrument is widely used in rubber and plastic industries, medical research center, polymer industry, agriculture, wool industry, etc. to determine the ash content. Test instruments are designed according to standards recommended by various standardization bodies such as ASTM and IS.

Technical Specifications of Pacorr’s Muffle Furnace

  • Equipment is available in a variety of sizes upon customer request.
  • Display: Graphic LCD (digital) / LED
  • Timer range: up to 99.99 hours
  • Accuracy: ± 5oC
  • Minimum count / resolution: 1oC
  • Power: 15A, 220V, single phase, 50Hz
  • Sensor: J type / K according to range selection Type
  • Temperature range: Ambient ~ 900oC, 1200oC, 1400oC (range can be selected according to test requirements and models)
  • PT 100 sensor temperature controller
  • Advanced imported glass wool insulation
  • SSR-based output control

  • With high grade fabrication of the instrument, the muffle furnace offered by Pacorr is capable for offering a long service life without losing its accuracy and precision.