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Various environment and various surfaces need different and suitable Surface protection tapes. It is used for the purpose of protecting the surface. It is used to prevent against scratches of the surface and safeguarding from dust and similar particles in the air. It gives protection from transportation, dust abs moisture. These tapes are protective tapes against high abrasion and resistant to wear and tear of daily use.

Apart from surface protection tapes, surface protection films are designed to help any type of scratching, abrasion at the time of the manufacturing process to protect from damage at the time of delivery cycles. A good quality protective film can bear the stress of manufacturing methods such as cutting, bending, deep drawing, along with the effect of mechanical handling by users at the time of manufacturing and transit situations. When the protective film is removed, the quality of substrate remains intact, just as it was when it left the factory. But these features are only delivered by high-quality adhesive material.

Using Peel / Seal / Bond and Adhesion Strength Testing Machine offered, the quality and peel capability of the film must be tested. The device is the highly proficient testing instrument which can quantify the peel strength of adhesive materials. It can test the permanence of adhesion or peel ability of self-adhesive and pressure sensitive materials. The equipment is designed as per international testing standard of ASTM D 903. This means that the machine follows a global test method. It is equipped with highly efficient load cell which is responsible for applying equal amount of peeling pressure on the sample throughout its surface.

Peel Strength Tester

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Peeling Strength Tester specially designed to have strong gripping clamps which are right for holding variously sized and shaped samples. Safety limit switches are there to limit the travel length while conducting peeling test. It can help user to set the travel length according to industry standards. Has a Digital display screen based on a microprocessor program which is highly sophisticated and integrated? Achieves higher accuracy in the test values. A default 180 degree fixture to conduct test at this angle. 90 degree fixture can be availed on request. The equipment provides user to calibrate the settings as per need by using inbuilt calibration feature.

Features of Peel Testing Machine

  • Peel Adhesive strength can be seen on screen
  • Tight sample clamping ensured with strong fixtures
  • Microprocessor based digital display screen for test readout
  • Bright LED light equipped with a screen
  • Suitable to perform peel test at 180 degree angle

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