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Packaging bottles make a great part of the packaging industry. The packaging bottles are widely used in the industries such a food products, beverages, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries. The quality of these products is greatly dependent on the quality of the bottles hence it is the responsibility of the manufacturers to ensure that the quality of the bottles is tested thoroughly and the clients are provided only the best quality bottles. For this, there is requirement of sophisticated instruments that could provide precise testing results and help ensuring the best quality of products.

Industry Concern
One of the greatest concerns for the bottle manufactures is that the bottles that they are providing to the clients have perfect balance and strength. Perfect balance is required to prevent the bottles from tripping during usage. To acquire perfect balance, it is essential that the material used for manufacturing is distributed evenly on every section of the bottles. Here are three sections of bottle namely top, cylinder and bottom. It is essential that material is distributed evenly to every section otherwise it can cause the bottle to trip frequently and cause the products inside to damage. Additionally, it can degrade the strength of the bottles as well. The manufacturers need to ensure that the quality of the bottles with the help of section weight analysis. The section weight analysis is done by measuring the weight of each section of the bottle individually and ensures even distribution of the materials in bottles during manufacturing.

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter
The hot wire bottle cutter is a major testing instrument that plays a vital role in performing the section weight analysis of the bottles used in different industries. When the manufacturers need to test the even distribution of materials with the help of section weight analysis, they need to cut the bottle sin the three sections that are top, cylinder and bottom. The cutting of the bottle sections must be done accurately and precise so that accurate analysis of the bottles is done for better quality assurance. The hot wire bottle cutter uses two heated wires to cut the bottles in three different sections with great efficiency and accuracy. The heating of the wire is controlled though an efficient PID controller and hence can be controlled easily.

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

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Pacorr’s Hot Wire Bottle Cutter
Pacorr is a well know manufacturer, supplier and exporter of precise hot wire bottle cutter. The instrument offered by Pacorr consists of two high-quality Kanthal wires that are used for ensuring precise cutting of bottles. The temperature of wire is controlled with the help of separate controllers. The instrument is ideal for use in PET industries for performing section weight analysis and ensures better balance and strength of the bottle for better quality assurance of the products.

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